Accurate Timekeeper Atomic Clock with Outdoor Sensor



Stay punctual and know the precise time with the Atomic Clock DOVEET-Digital Wall Clock. This advanced atomic clock auto-sets itself and provides accurate time while displaying the indoor/outdoor temperature. With a sleek, modern design, this digital wall clock looks great in any room.

The atomic clock has a built-in receiver that automatically receives the WWVB broadcast signal from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Fort Collins, Colorado. This signal provides the exact time that is kept by atomic clocks, so you’ll always have the correct time without needing to set it manually. The atomic clock updates itself daily to keep precision time.

Know the time clearly with the bold 4.5 inch LCD display screen. The atomic wall clock shows the time (hours, minutes, seconds), date, day of the week, and indoor/outdoor temperature. The large display is easy to read from across the room, perfect for the elderly or visually impaired. Smudges on the screen are normal but will disappear quickly.

Monitor the outdoor temperature with the included wireless sensor. It sends readings up to 100 meters to display the outdoor temperature and humidity in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Place the sensor outside in a sheltered location and the atomic clock will display the data in real-time on the easy-to-read screen.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, the digital wall clock will keep accurate time for up to 18 months before needing the batteries replaced. A low battery icon displays when replacement is needed. No power cord is required, allowing flexible placement on a wall or tabletop. The modern silver casing complements any decor.

Know the exact time and temperature without fussing with manual settings. The Atomic Clock DOVEET-Digital Wall Clock auto-sets itself precisely using atomic timekeeping. With a bold, clear display, it’s easy to read from anywhere in the room. The large 4.5 inch tall LCD screen shows the time, date, temperature and more at a glance. Includes a wireless outdoor sensor to monitor exterior conditions from the comfort indoors. An ideal clock for seniors or the visually impaired.

Key Features:

Auto-setting atomic clock through WWVB signal
Precise time keeping set by NIST atomic clocks
Daily signal updates keep exact time perpetually
4.5” extra-large LCD display screen
Clearly displays time, date, temperature
Easy-to-read from across the room
Wireless outdoor sensor monitors conditions
Transmits data up to 100 meters
Shows outdoor temperature and humidity
Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Modern silver casing complements decor
Battery-powered for flexible placement
4 AA batteries provide up to 18 months operation
Low battery icon indicates when to replace
No power cord needed
Ideal for seniors and visually impaired
Large display for easy viewing

Set it and forget it with the Atomic Clock DOVEET-Digital Wall Clock. The atomic technology guarantees you’ll always have the precise time without ever needing to adjust the settings manually. The bold 4.5 inch display is easy to read from anywhere in the room, showing the time, date, and indoor/outdoor temperature clearly. Includes a wireless outdoor sensor to monitor exterior conditions. With self-setting accuracy, this digital atomic wall clock is perfect for seniors or the visually impaired.


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