Add a Durable and Fashionable Wall Mirror to Enhance Your Home Decor



Introducing the BEAUTYPEAK 24″ x 36″ Wall Mirror, a luxurious and stylish option to elevate the look of any space in your home. This beautiful wall mounted mirror features a stunning matte black aluminum alloy frame with sleek rounded corners that create a deep frame effect. But it’s not just stylish – it’s also engineered with proprietary ShatterVueTM technology for enhanced durability.

Innovative Shatter-Resistant Glass

The BEAUTYPEAK Wall Mirror utilizes an innovative nano-strengthened glass material in its construction. This ShatterVueTM technology strengthens the molecular structure of the glass, making it significantly more impact and shatter resistant than a standard mirror. No longer do you need to worry about accidental bumps or damage – this durable glass is built to last for years of regular use.

Chic and Modern Aesthetic

The deep frame design of this black mirror adds beautiful contrast against the reflective glass, creating a contemporary vibe perfect for modern and transitional decor. The sleek rounded corners add a touch of softness to balance the geometric 24” x 36” rectangular shape. Whether hung vertically or horizontally, this wall mirror makes a fashionable statement.

Effortless Installation

Installing this wall mounted mirror couldn’t be easier thanks to the included cleat hooks on the back. The hooks allow you to hang it vertically or horizontally based on your space and preferences. No matter which orientation you choose, the end result is a mirror that appears to float elegantly on your wall.

Ideal for Multiple Rooms

With its versatile styling, the BEAUTYPEAK Mirror can complement nearly any room in your home. Hang it above the bathroom vanity to create a focal point while getting ready. Let it reflect light and create the illusion of more space in an entryway or hallway. Even use it in the bedroom or living room to add extra decorative flair. Wherever it’s placed, this wall mirror opens up possibilities.

Upgrade Your Decor with Reflective Style

The BEAUTYPEAK 24” x 36” Wall Mirror will become a stunning decorative accent in any home. The realistic reflections glossy black frame work together to add an air of luxury. As you apply makeup, style your hair or pass by the mirror in the entryway, you’ll appreciate the clear, vivid reflections made possible by the durable ShatterVueTM glass. Confidently maintain your home’s chic appearance by displaying this modern farmhouse mirror.

Premium Quality You Can Trust

Like all products from BEAUTYPEAK, the utmost care and thought has gone into the design and construction of this wall mounted mirror. Only high quality materials are used, from the nano-strengthened ShatterVueTM glass to the sturdy aluminum alloy frame. Plus, each mirror comes securely packaged in a foam lined box to prevent any damage in transit. In the unlikely event any issues arise, BEAUTYPEAK provides friendly and prompt customer service assistance.

Easy Horizontal or Vertical Mounting

Mounting cleat hooks on the back of the frame allow for versatile orientation when installing the BEAUTYPEAK Wall Mirror. Choose horizontal placement to accentuate the clean lines of the rectangular mirror atop a bathroom sink or vertically to add a dramatic floor-to-ceiling statement piece. The mounting is designed for stability and security in either direction.


  • Dimensions: 24” x 36”
  • Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Frame Color: Matte Black
  • Frame Depth: 1.4 inches
  • Mounting: Cleat hooks for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Glass: Nano-strengthened ShatterVueTM technology
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds

Transform Your Space with This Multifunctional Mirror

The BEAUTYPEAK 24” x 36” Wall Mirror is both glamorous and tough, certain to become a treasured home decor piece for years. Pick from vertical or horizontal placement, then marvel at the clear reflection and light enhancing properties of the innovative glass. Add farmhouse chic appeal to your bathroom, entryway, bedroom and beyond with a high quality mirror that stands out from the rest.


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