Add Some Humor and Protection to Your Home with BinHang’s Surveillance Doormat



Make a bold statement and protect your floors with the BinHang Indoor Floor Mat. This durable and amusing doormat features the phrase “Protected by Fuck Around and Find Out Surveillance” to give visitors a fun warning before entering your home. The low-profile design allows doors to open easily over the mat, while the non-slip rubber backing keeps it securely in place. Place this doormat inside your home’s entryway, at the front or back door, in a hallway, kitchen, bedroom or office. The multifunctional mat absorbs dirt and moisture to keep your floors clean and dry in high traffic areas.

Durable Low Profile Design
The thin 0.31 inch profile allows doors to swing open easily over the mat, avoiding sticking or curling. The edges are reinforced for added durability with heavy use over time. The material is resistant to fraying and everyday wear. Shake it out or sweep away dirt and debris to restore the mat’s appearance. Simply hose it off to deal with more dried out mud or extensive buildup. Let it air dry to prepare it for use once again. The flat surface creates a smooth, non-slip walkway.

Traps Dirt and Moisture
The Doormat’s flat woven material is highly effective at trapping dirt, mud, snow, water and other messes from shoes. The tight weave helps filter out debris to keep it from tracking further into your home. The indoor floor mat soaks up moisture and allows it to evaporate quickly to prevent mildew and bacteria growth. Frequent vacuuming keeps the mat looking tidy in between washings. Shake it out when needed to dislodge trapped dirt.

Stays in Place
Walk on the mat with confidence knowing it will stay firmly planted. The durable rubber backing grips most floor surfaces and prevents sliding. The mat remains smooth and flat without bunching up or shifting position. Keeping a doormat in place reduces the chance of tripping and dangerous slips. Place it in entryways, at exterior doors, in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink for added safety.

Vibrant Full Color Printed Design
The bright white background provides plenty of space to highlight the full color graphic and lettering. The block style font stands out boldly against the clean background. The design depicts a surveillance camera pointed down at the mat with digital scanning waves emitting from it. The humorous “Protected by Fuck Around and Find Out Surveillance” text implies hilarious consequences for unwanted guests.

Multipurpose Use Around Your Home
In addition to entrances, this versatile mat can be used in laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and more. Place it at exterior doors that lead to patios, decks and garages to absorb rainwater and snowmelt. The fade resistant ink and durable material allows for both indoor and outdoor use. Coordinate it with your décor or use it as a fun accent piece to liven things up.

Generously Sized
The 30 inch x 18 inch rectangular mat provides ample coverage for high foot traffic areas. It’s large enough for two feet but still fits perfectly at the front or back entryway without blocking the path. The standard size allows doors to fully open over the mat with clearance down each side. Keep the mat in position right outside doorways to instantly trap dirt.

Easy Maintenance
To clean, simply shake out and sweep debris from the mat as needed. Use a mild soap and water solution if necessary to spot treat stubborn stains and dirt buildup. Allow the mat to fully air dry before putting it back in place. Vacuum periodically to deepen the clean. Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals that could fade the colors. The durable low-maintenance material is fade resistant, so you can enjoy the stylish print for years.

Add a fun conversation starter to your home while keeping floors clean and dry with the BinHang Surveillance Doormat. The humorous design brings some laughter while protecting your floors.


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