Aquasana Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement



Keep your skin and hair feeling fresh, clean, and hydrated with the Aquasana Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement. This easy-to-install cartridge fits into your existing Aquasana shower filter system (models AQ-4100, AQ-4125, AQ-4105) and removes over 90% of chlorine and other harsh chemicals from your shower water for a revitalizing, spa-like experience right at home.

Why does your shower water need filtering? Tap water contains high levels of chlorine and other contaminants that can dry out skin and hair over time. Chlorine bonds with oils on your skin and in your hair, stripping away moisture and leaving hair dull and frizzy. Other chemicals like benzene, radon, and lead, while filtered out by municipal water systems, can still exist in small amounts in your tap water. An Aquasana shower filter gives you healthy, contaminant-free water for a truly refreshing and therapeutic shower.

The Aquasana cartridge uses a two-stage filtration process to deeply cleanse your water. First, water flows through an activated carbon filtration media made from coconut shells. With an ultra-dense pore structure, this carbon block attracts and traps chemicals, metals, and impurities as water passes through. Next, the KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) copper-zinc filtration media undergoes an ion exchange process to neutralize chlorine and remove any remaining contaminants.

Independent testing verifies that the Aquasana shower filter removes over 90% of free chlorine, reduces hydrogen sulfide odors, and softens hard water for healthier skin and hair. From dry, damaged hair to itchy skin and respiratory irritation, showering in purified water can help alleviate many problems associated with long-term exposure to toxins and chemicals in tap water.

Installation is quick and easy with no tools or plumbers required. Simply twist your old cartridge filter off, drop in the Aquasana replacement, and twist to lock it into place. Your shower will instantly output cleaner, safer water. Replace the cartridge every 6-8 months or after 10,000 gallons to maintain performance.

With over 20 years of experience creating high-quality water filters, Aquasana is a brand you can trust for shower water filtration. Only genuine Aquasana replacements are NSF tested and certified to match the contaminant reduction claims of the original system. Don’t risk your health and hair with untested generics – get the Aquasana difference.

Key Features:

  • Trusted replacement for Aquasana shower water filters
  • Removes over 90% of chlorine and chemicals
  • Carbon and copper-zinc KDF filtration media
  • Softens hard water and improves hair and skin
  • Easy twist-on, twist-off installation
  • Replace every 6-8 months or 10,000 gallons
  • NSF certified performance

Shower in Purified Water for Healthier Hair and Skin

Give your body the clean, nourishing water it deserves. Reduce dryness, irritation, and other symptoms caused by showering in harsh tap water full of chlorine and contaminants. The Aquasana Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement provides you with a spa-like shower right at home so you can look and feel your absolute best every day.

Order the Aquasana Shower Filter Cartridge Replacement today and notice softer, smoother skin and shiny, frizz-free hair after just a few uses. Your shower has never felt – or smelled – so fresh and clean!


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