Aquis Flip Hair-Drying Tool Pearl – The Revolutionary Way to Dry Your Hair for Healthier, Stronger Locks



Tired of having to choose between damaging heat styling or air drying that leaves your hair limp and frizzy? There’s finally a better way – the Aquis Flip Hair-Drying Tool Pearl. This innovative hair towel is clinically proven to strengthen hair while it dries, leaving your locks up to 4X stronger compared to traditional drying methods. Keep reading to learn why this towel is a total game changer for your hair care routine.

Unwrap Healthier, Stronger Hair

The Aquis Flip Hair-Drying Tool Pearl is infused with groundbreaking Aquitex hairtech that rapidly reforms hydrogen bonds as your hair dries. This helps to prevent damage to the hair structure that leads to split ends and breakage over time. The unique fabric weave also leverages Coppersure technology to actively break down moisture from humid environments, ensuring your hair dries quickly and completely.

Clinically Proven Technology Strengthens Each Strand

This isn’t just another microfiber hair towel making big claims. The proprietary Aquitex fabric has been clinically tested and proven to leave hair stronger after each use. The secret lies in the unique channel design that wicks water away fast without relying on heat or friction that weakens hair. Coppersure technology also protects each strand by combatting humidity for less frizz.

Luxe Fabric Delivers Maximum Drying Contact

The Aquis hair towel is made from luxuriously soft Aquitex fabric that gently grips hair for maximum drying contact. The flexible shape and elastic ruching allow you to wrap hair hands-free without uncomfortable pulling or pressure. Whether you want to plop, twist, wrap, or spot dry, this towel has you covered.

Multiple Ways to Use for All Hair Types

Plopping: Flip hair over and place towel on crown to gently absorb moisture.
Wrapping: Twist length of towel before flipping back over head. Tuck end into elastic Aquis band for hands-free drying.
Spot Drying: Use towel flat to target dry ends or touch up roots.
The absorbent Aquitex fabric works for all hair types and styles – curly, straight, thick, fine, long, short. Customize your drying method to your hair’s needs.

Sustainably Designed and Produced

Aquis is committed to sustainable production methods. The Flip Hair-Drying Tool Pearl is made from 92% recycled water bottles. By transforming plastic destined for landfills into a innovative hair tool, Aquis helps to reduce waste while allowing you to feel good about the way you dry your hair.

Aquis – 30 Years of Haircare Innovation

Aquis was founded by haircare trailblazer, Britta Cox, who revolutionized the way millions cared for their hair. Driven by the desire to create a faster, healthier way to dry hair, she engineered the original Aquis towel using breakthrough fabric technology and keen insights into hair’s biological needs.

Three decades later, the brand remains committed to advancing hair health through elegant, science-backed design. All Aquis products are rigorously tested to ensure they deliver on their claims. When you choose Aquis, you know you’re getting a hair tool grounded in expertise and innovation.

Experience the Aquis Difference

The Aquis Flip Hair-Drying Tool Pearl offers a truly unique approach to hair drying. Discover what thousands of users already know – that this towel leaves hair healthier and stronger with every use. Upgrade your hair care and see the Aquis difference for yourself today!


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