Archipelago Botanicals Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser – Elevate Your Space with Inviting Island Aromas



Welcome the warmth of the tropics into your home with the Archipelago Botanicals Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser. This invigorating citrus-inspired scent will instantly uplift any space with its bright, fruity aroma.

An Island Escape in Every Room

One whiff of this reed diffuser’s complex mango and tangerine fragrance blend will transport you to an island paradise. Notes of ripe, juicy mango and sweet tangerine are perfectly balanced to create a refreshing and mouthwatering citrus scent. Unlike overpowering synthetic room sprays, this diffuser lightly perfumes the air with natural fragrance oils. The scent is never cloying or headache-inducing. Instead, expect a clean, uplifting aroma that will elevate the ambiance of any space.

Safe, Subtle and Sophisticated

Reed diffusers allow you to scent your home without the risk of open flames. This makes them an ideal choice for households with kids and pets. The 7.85 fl. oz glass bottle contains only the highest quality phthalate-free fragrance oil. Ten accompanying natural reeds slowly draw up the oil to disperse the aroma into the air. The diffusion is subtle but effective, perfuming rooms up to 250 sq. ft. Simply flip the reeds every few weeks to refresh the scent. The oil lasts for months, providing excellent value. And the decorative wooden cap adds a final touch of sophistication.

Ideal for Home or Office

This diffuser adds the perfect pop of color and fragrance to any space. In the living room, its cheerful scent will spark conversation when you have guests over. Brighten up your bedroom with a few whiffs of the juicy mango and zesty tangerine. In the office, it’s a refreshing alternative to stale air and stuffy candles. Or gift it to a friend to instantly elevate their space. Wherever it’s used, the Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser by Archipelago Botanicals is sure to turn heads.

More Than a Scent – An Experience

Archipelago Botanicals provides more than just great-smelling diffusers. We create experiences through fragrance that enrich your life and environment. Our reed diffusers are designed to appeal to all your senses:

Sight – The decorative wooden cap and smart glass bottle look elegant in any space.

Sound – The gentle rattling of the reeds creates soothing background noise.

Touch – The smooth glass feels delightful in your hand when you flip the reeds.

Taste – The mango and tangerine scent will have your mouth watering.

Smell – Breathe deep and let the tropical aromas transport you to paradise.

Every element was carefully designed to create a multisensory experience. We want to take you on a journey with every use.

Committed to Simple, Quality Ingredients

At Archipelago Botanicals, we believe living well is about choosing simple, natural products to help enjoy life’s simple moments. Our reed diffusers contain phthalate-free fragrance oils and high-quality reeds. They are also cruelty-free and vegan. We aim to craft uplifting experiences through fragrance while caring for our customers and our planet.

Take a Mini Island Vacation Every Day

Life can be hectic, but the Archipelago Botanicals Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser lets you press pause and get transported. Enjoy a mini island vacation every day with one deep inhale of this juicy, tropical aroma. Elevate your mood and environment with the transformative power of fragrance. Its compact size makes it easy to enjoy in any small space. So treat yourself to a little scentual escape, no airfare required.

Experience the Archipelago Botanicals Difference

Elevate your ambiance with the simple luxury of the Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser. Its phthalate-free formula and natural ingredients set it apart from other room fragrances. Give any space an instant dose of sunshine and warmth with this island-inspired scent. It makes a thoughtful gift or affordable pick-me-up for yourself. Bring the tranquility of the tropics home with just a whisper of fragrance. You’ll soon see why Archipelago Botanicals is the new standard for sensorial home products.


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