Arme Glass Bud Vases – Set of 30 Delicate Mini Vases for Fresh Cut Flowers



Bring the beauty of nature into your home with this set of 30 charming miniature glass bud vases from Arme. Lovingly crafted from thick, durable glass, each of these dainty vases features a vintage-inspired etched pattern that catches the light beautifully. Place a single stem or few blooms in each vase and artfully arrange them down your table’s center or across mantels and shelves to create a casually elegant look. With Arme’s bud vases, your fresh flowers and garden greens will be right at home.

Vintage-Inspired Etched Glass Design

Each of the 30 glass vases in this set features a slightly different etched pattern inspired by vintage glassware. No two are exactly alike, adding to their rustic charm. The etched detailing gives the smooth glass some subtle texture and helps diffuse light as it passes through for a lovely glowing effect. Whether your style is modern farmhouse, boho chic, or classic and elegant, these etched glass bud vases will fit right in. Their intricate patterns make them so much more interesting than plain clear glass vases.

Thick, Durable Borosilicate Glass

Arme uses specially formulated borosilicate glass to craft their bud vases. Borosilicate glass is known for being very durable, resistant to thermal shock, and thicker than typical soda-lime glass.
Each vase feels solid and substantial in your hand and provides excellent optical clarity to showcase your floral arrangements.

The thicker glass keeps the vases from becoming too top heavy or tipping over once you add flowers. It also makes them far more resistant to breaking or chipping if bumped.

Highlight the Beauty of Single Stems

The small opening and short stature of these bud vases are perfect for displaying single stems or just a few blooms at once. Their petite size lets the individual beauty of each flower and frond shine.

Use them to build florals down a long table by placing 1-3 stems in each vase. Or cluster them in arrangements across mantels, shelves, and countertops.

Their simple styling keeps them versatile enough for both rustic and elegant decor. The glass catches and reflects light beautifully to add a touch of brilliance wherever they’re placed.

Carefully Packaged for Safe Transport

To keep these delicate glass vases safe in shipping, Arme custom packages each one individually in thick foam. The foam holder prevents any jostling or shocks from causing chips or cracks.

We rigorously drop test our packaging to ensure it fully protects the vases in transit. If any should arrive damaged, please reach out so we can promptly send a replacement.

Gift-Worthy for Any Occasion

Searching for a unique and memorable gift? This set of vintage-style etched glass bud vases makes a wonderful present for any special occasion.

Their chic styling works for anyone with an eye for simple, natural beauty in their home decor. Share these vases to spruce up tablescapes at weddings, showers, and parties year-round. Or give the set as a housewarming or holiday gift.

The 30-pack ensures the recipient can use them generously around their home to elevate everyday flowers as well as special occasion arrangements. Each vase in this Arme set is gift-boxed, making presenting them a breeze.

Our Promise of Quality Craftsmanship

Arme believes that crafting glassware is an art to be perfected with care and dedication. Our team brings decades of glass design experience to handcrafting each of our vases. Every piece goes through multiple inspections and testing to meet our standards of quality.

We use time-honored techniques like hand blowing and tooling to shape our glass and achieve an ultra clear, smooth surface free of imperfections. Our glass artisans handle every piece with care – and it shows in the final product.

Decorate with Fresh Flowers Year Round

These glass vases are perfect for displaying garden snips on kitchen windowsills and dining tables. Place a few stems in each vase and line them down the center of your table for effortless elegance.

Come spring, fill them with cheerful wildflowers like daisies for a fresh farmhouse feel. In summer, create mini arrangements using bright zinnias, black-eyed susans, and cosmos.

In fall and winter, forage evergreen trims, dogwood, and magnolia to add life and vibrance when blooms are scarce outside.

The versatility of these glass vases means you can enjoy floral decor all year long as you change up flowers with the seasons.

Looks Beautiful in Any Decor Style

The simple, versatile styling of these etched glass bud vases allows them to complement a wide range of home decor aesthetics.

Those with modern, contemporary homes will appreciate how the clear glass and rounded shapes seamlessly blend into sleek, uncluttered spaces. For farmhouse style lovers, the etched detailing and vintage vibe feels right at home among worn woods and antique accents.

In more formal settings, the petite vases provide an unfussy way to add free-spirited flowers and foliage as a counterpoint. Or play up their elegance by opting for orchids or calla lilies.

However you choose to decorate with them, these pretty bud vases only add to the charm.

Brighten Up Your Wedding or Event

Searching for ways to embellish tables at your wedding, bridal shower, or special event? These glass vases make perfect vessels for miniature floral arrangements.

Scatter them down the center of banquet tables amongst candles and greenery for organic texture. Or place 1-2 stems in each vase and space them evenly for a more orderly look. For showers, line them up the length of the gift table.

Their delicate details lend vintage romance to special day decor. The etched patterns catch ambient light, making them glow. Choose blooms and foliage in your wedding colors to complement your palette.

Keep these heirloom-quality vases after your big day to display photos from your wedding or continue brightening your home with flowers.

An Anniversary, Birthday, or Holiday to Remember

Want to give a gift that will delight and impress? Present these bud vases in their gift boxes for a fabulous anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, housewarming, or holiday gift. Their simple elegance makes them appropriate for anyone who loves flowers.

Newlyweds or newly home owners will appreciate having multiple vases on hand to showcase fresh blooms. Green thumbs will delight in using them to display stems clipped from their backyard gardens.

Those with an eye for design will love incorporating these sparkling vases into their decor all year round. Each occasion you gift them will be fondly remembered every time the recipient enjoys their charm.

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Decor Accents

Tired of flimsy, disposable vases? Arme bud vases are made to stand the test of time. The thick, durable glass and quality manufacturing ensure these will stay beautiful for many years down the road.

Etched glassware never goes out of style, making this a timeless, heirloom-quality set. The glass won’t cloud or degrade over time like cheaper plastic vases. Feel confident gifting these vintage-style vases or passing them down.

Decorate your own space with pieces that will endure season after season. Let these Arme vases become your go-to vessels for flower arranging and elevating everyday blooms from garden, store, or florist.

Their lasting beauty lies in their simplicity.


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