ArtbyHannah Gallery Wall Frame Sets – Elegant Neutral Tones Bring Sophisticated Style to Your Walls



Create an eye-catching gallery wall display in your home with this gorgeously designed 8-piece frame set from ArtbyHannah. Featuring a versatile neutral color palette and array of frame sizes to design the gallery wall of your dreams. Modern and timeless all at once, this frame set allows you to curate a collection of cherished memories, art, or inspirational quotes into a Pinterest-worthy wall collage.

The Set Includes:

1 11″ x 14″ frame
1 10″ x 10″ square frame
1 8″ x 8″ square frame
1 8″ x 10″ frame
2 12″ x 9.5″ horizontal frames
2 5″ x 7″ frames
Beautifully DISPLAYED, Not Just FRAMED

While most basic frame sets simply frame your photos or prints, the ArtbyHannah collection transforms your wall into a work of art unto itself. The neutral wood tones and clean lines blend seamlessly into any decor scheme, from modern farmhouse to urban chic. Arrange the frames in an artful composition and use the included photos for easy decoration. Feel free to swap in your own prints, children’s artwork, inspiring quotes, wedding or vacation photos, diplomas, and anything else you love.

With styles suited for the living room, bedroom, office, dorm room, or really any space begging for a bit of personality, this frame set completes the look like a pro designer—without the heavy price tag or intimidating creative process.

Quality Materials and Sturdy Construction

Built from lightweight yet durable MDF wood in a warm medium brown shade, the frames add a natural touch. The wood grain detailing looks elegantly understated to complement your decor, rather than compete with it. The neutral color pairs effortlessly with any color scheme.

The frames stand on their own or can be arranged leaning against a wall creatively for a dimensional effect. Each frame contains shatterproof Plexiglas to safely secure your cherished keepsakes. Your memories and decor stay protected behind the crystal clear, durable material that’s safer than glass around kids and pets.

Designed for Your Wall Space

No matter the wall space you’re working with, this set provides an ideal range of frame sizes. The 8-piece collection includes:

Two medium 12” x 9.5” horizontal frames
One large vertical 11” x 14” frame
One square 10” x 10” frame
One 8” x 8” square
One 8” x 10” vertical frame
Two 5” x 7” vertical frames
With rectangular, square, large, and small options, you can find a frame size to fill any awkward gaps. The horizontal frames add width to balance tall vertical pieces. Mix and match to create exactly the gallery art wall you envision—whether symmetrical and orderly or abstract and eclectic. The frames occupy wall space beautifully without overwhelming a room.

Simply Secure Your Prints and Decorate Your Wall Masterpiece

Transforming lackluster walls into your own custom art gallery couldn’t be easier. Each frame comes ready to hang with sawtooth hardware attached for secure mounting horizontally or vertically.

To decorate, just pop open the back frame clips, insert your prints, photos or other media, close it up and hang on your wall. No need to stress about nailing in hanging wires or other complicated steps.

The frames come with 8 beautiful desert landscape photos printed on thick gallery quality paper to use if desired. Feel free to replace with your own prints as you please. No commitment to a permanent design! Easily rotate out decor seasonally, showcase the grandkids’ latest masterpieces, or curate a collection around any theme or color palette your heart desires.

Let Your Creativity Shine Through

If you’re stumped on where to start, look to your favorite decor styles for inspiration or search gallery wall ideas on Pinterest. The most artistic gallery walls reflect the homeowner’s personal style and highlight cherished memories. Still intimidated by all that white space? Start small by framing a few special prints or family photos in your favorite frame sizes. Building your gallery wall piece by piece over time lets you gradually infuse more and more of your own flair.

Before you know it, you’ll have a show stopping wall that’s uniquely you. Your perfect artistic oasis—whether your taste runs modern, rustic, minimalist, or traditional. The frame finish blends beautifully, allowing your arrangement, prints, colors, and themes to take center stage.

Gifting Perfection for Home Decor Lovers

Finding a meaningful gift for the impossible-to-shop-for home decorator or art lover in your life just got easier. This frame collection works for anyone interested in DIY projects, photo displays, or revamping their home’s style. Plus, you’ll score bonus points for creativity and good taste by picking out a gift beyond the standard wine bottle or gift card.

Let them create their dream art wall showcase! Ideal for moms, sisters, wives, artistic teens, newlyweds decorating their first home, and anyone else with some blank wall space to spice up.

Buy With Confidence

ArtbyHannah provides exceptional customer service and responsive support. We take pride in creating quality products and making sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Our frames come individually boxed for safe transport.

Click Add to Cart now to treat yourself or a lucky loved one to these beautifully designed, neutral toned frames. They provide the perfect blank canvas for your inner artist to transform any empty wall into a stunning gallery display.


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