Artiwell L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod for Corner Bathtubs and Showers – High Quality Aluminum with Ceiling Support (Matte Black)



Upgrade your bathroom with the sleek and modern Artiwell L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod. This durable aluminum rod is specially designed to fit corner tubs and shower stalls up to 62 inches long and 27 inches wide. The matte black finish looks sharp in any bathroom décor.

High Quality, Rust-Resistant Aluminum Construction

The Artiwell L-shaped shower curtain rod is crafted from premium aluminum that’s built to last. Aluminum withstands moisture and humidity without corroding or developing rust over time. This heavy-duty material ensures exceptional quality and longevity.

Customizable Length for a Perfect Fit

The L-shaped rod can be easily trimmed to your exact corner tub or shower dimensions. Simply measure and cut the horizontal and vertical rods with standard tubing cutters. This adjustability allows you to customize a perfect fit up to the maximum sizes. Fits corner spaces from 48 x 48 inches up to 62 x 27 inches.

Strong Ceiling Support Prevents Sagging

To prevent curtain sagging, the Artiwell L-shaped shower rod includes a ceiling support attachment. This rigid vertical rod provides superb strength and reinforcement. The ceiling mount can also be trimmed to size. Overall the robust aluminum construction and ceiling brace provide exceptional load-bearing capacity up to 25 pounds without bending or drooping.

Quick and Easy 15 Minute Installation

Installing the Artiwell L-shaped shower curtain rod is a breeze. Everything you need is included – ceiling support rod, heavy-duty corner mount, flanges, screws and detailed instructions. Just screw the mount in place, insert the rods and attach the flanges. No complicated tools required! Most homeowners can complete installation in around 15 minutes.

Sleek Low-Profile Look Matches Any Decor

The matte black aluminum finish gives this L-shaped shower rod a modern, sophisticated appearance. The low-profile hardware blends seamlessly into your bathroom. Matte black matches any style from contemporary to traditional. Upgrade your space with this stunning yet subtle shower rod solution.

Rust-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Construction

When it comes to humidity, most shower rods corrode, rust and bend over time. Not the Artiwell rod! The rugged aluminum build withstands moisture and everyday use. Jumbo corner flanges provide additional strength and rigor. With exceptional load-bearing capacity, this rod remains straight and sturdy.

Provides Added Privacy and Better Containment

Unlike straight rods, the L-shape design provides more complete shower curtain coverage with better splash protection. Enjoy added privacy as well! Curtains hang at two joining sides to close off the entire corner area. Contains water splashes and billowing curtains better than straight rods.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum resists corrosion and rust
  • Matte black finish matches any decor
  • L-shape for corner tubs and showers
  • Fits spaces up to 62” x 27”
  • Easily trim rods to custom size
  • Includes ceiling brace for support
  • Holds up to 25 pounds without sagging
  • Provides added privacy and containment
  • Jumbo corner flanges add stability
  • Complete mounting hardware included
  • Easy 15 minute installation


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Capacity: 25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 62” x 27” (max)
  • Flange Size: 5” x 1.5”
  • Rod Diameter: 1.38”
  • Ceiling Brace Diameter: 1”
  • Hardware Included: Yes

Give your bathroom a stylish upgrade with the modern, low-profile Artiwell L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod. Durable aluminum construction and matte black finish provides a premium look that lasts. Customize a perfect fit with easy trimming. The ceiling support brace prevents sagging while jumbo corner flanges add stability. Achieve full corner coverage and enhanced splash protection. With quick DIY installation, you can revamp your entire shower area in under 15 minutes!


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