Asiakarn 8L Professional Mini Facial Towel Warmer for Spa Treatments



Indulge in a little luxury with the Asiakarn 8L Professional Mini Facial Towel Warmer. Designed specifically for facials and spa treatments, this towel warmer provides gently heated towels that comfort and rejuvenate skin.

The sleek, elegant white finish gives a clean, professional look perfect for any spa or aesthetician’s treatment room. Despite the compact 8L capacity, there is ample space to preheat multiple small towels at a time.

Pamper Clients with Luxuriously Heated Towels

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and refreshing as the feeling of a freshly heated towel on the face. The Asiakarn Facial Towel Warmer allows you to provide this little luxury for every client.

The unit heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature between 131-140°F – hot enough to feel indulgent without risk of burning delicate facial skin. Towels come out warmed through but still damp enough to drape comfortably over the face.

You’ll be amazed at how something so simple can enhance the whole facial experience for your clients. A heated towel placed over the face before cleansing helps open pores, allowing deeper cleaning. Using one after masks or exfoliation soothes and restores hydration. Your clients will leave feeling refreshed and pampered.

Compact Professional Design

Despite the mini 8L capacity, the Asiakarn Towel Warmer holds multiple hand towels or several small face cloths at a time. The tall, slim design has a footprint of just 7.1 x 9.8 inches, taking up minimal counter space.

The elegant white finish gives a clean, minimalist look that fits with any spa decor. Discreet side controls allow you to adjust temperature precisely without distracting buttons on top.

Everything about this towel warmer exudes professional quality. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for high-end salons and spas looking to provide excellent service and an indulgent experience.

High-End Features for Safety and Convenience

Attention to detail is evident in the thoughtful design:

Precise temperature control from 131-140°F, adjustable in 9 increments
Spring-loaded door for safety and easy one-hand access
Secure magnetic door catch keeps towels safe while unit is in use
Anti-rust aluminum interior for water protection and durability
ETL safety certification ensures the highest quality

With automatic shut-off for safety, this towel warmer is engineered for commercial use. The reliable design will provide years of service.

Enhance Your Spa Treatments

Take your facials to the next level with the simple luxury of pre-heated towels. This miniature towel warmer is ideal for:

Facials – Place a heated towel over the client’s face before cleansing and after masks/exfoliation. The warmth opens pores, soothes skin and enhances the treatment.
Waxing – Soothe just-waxed skin with a heated towel. The warmth is comforting and helps remove residue.
Massage – Warm towels placed strategically during a massage can provide extra relief to tense muscles.
Manicures/pedicures – Wrap hands/feet in a heated towel while masks or lotion sets to moisturize nails and cuticles.
Salon waiting area – Provide warm refreshment towels for arriving clients.

Give your clients a taste of spa luxury with each visit. The Asiakarn Facial Towel Warmer is a worthwhile investment for professional aestheticians focused on top-notch service.

Order Today for Extra Pampering

Treat your clients to some extra comfort and refresh heated towels with the Asiakarn 8L Professional Mini Facial Towel Warmer. Designed just for spas and skin care professionals, it’s the perfect little luxury piece.

Don’t miss out – order your Asiakarn Towel Warmer today! Your clients will thank you.


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