Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer – Perfect for Keeping Towels Warm and Sanitized for Spa Treatments!



Treat your clients to luxuriously warm and clean towels with the Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer. This space-saving 5L capacity warmer is ideal for keeping 8-12 towels heated and sanitized for facial treatments, massages, and more in your salon or spa.

The interior of this quality towel cabinet is constructed from rust-resistant aluminum alloy and features a removable stainless steel shelf and water collector for easy cleaning. There’s no fabric inside that can harbor bacteria. Just moisten your towels, arrange them on the shelf, close the door and turn it on. The Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer will automatically heat your towels to the optimal temperature range of 149°F – 158°F.

Maintain Proper Sanitation for Treatments

Providing properly heated and sanitized towels is an important part of quality client care in salons and spas. Warm towels open pores, relax muscles, and add comfort. But it’s also vital that towels are fully sanitized and free of bacteria between uses.

The Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer combines gentle heat and ventilation to thoroughly clean and disinfect towels. The moist heat penetrates towel fibers, loosening and eliminating oils, dirt, and microbes. Your towels will be fresh, fluffy, and ready for your next client.

Compact Size is Perfect for Small Spaces

This petite towel warmer measures just 6.18” x 6.97” x 7” inches. That compact footprint allows you to install it just about anywhere in your spa or salon – on your reception counter, tucked in a corner, mounted on the wall – while taking up minimal space. With a capacity of 5 liters, it can hold up to 12 average sized towels at a time.

The lightweight aluminum construction makes this unit easy to move to wherever you need it. The Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer is ideal for solo estheticians or massage therapists who are just starting out and don’t require a full-size cabinet. It’s also great for keeping towels heated in remote treatment rooms or areas far from your main towel supply.

Customize the Temperature

An integrated thermostat lets you easily adjust the warming temperature from 122°F – 176°F to suit your needs. The default 149°F – 158°F range is ideal for most spa and salon uses. But you can lower the temp for delicate facial towels or crank it up a bit higher to prep towels for shaves and men’s treatments. The temperature display makes it easy to confirm your setting.

Safe, Efficient Operation

The Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer uses less than half the power of most standard towel warmers, for just pennies per day in operating costs. It’s energy efficient without skimping on effectiveness!

For your safety, this towel cabinet features auto shut-off after 12 hours of continuous operation. The exterior remains cool to the touch, while the insulated cabinet retains heat efficiently. You’ll also appreciate the quiet operation.

More Than Just for Towels!

This versatile towel warmer isn’t just for towels. It also works great for heating and sanitizing:

  • Esthetician skincare tools like facial brushes, metal extractors, tweezers, etc.
  • Massage accessories like hot stones, rollers, or mitts.
  • Manicure/pedicure implements like files, brushes, orange sticks.
  • Shaving tools like hot lather machines, razors, and brushes.

The moist circulating heat keeps small implements clean and ready for use. Reviewers also love using the Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer to refresh cloth gloves and booties between clients.

Spa-Like Luxury for your Clients

Nothing feels quite as relaxing and indulgent as a warm towel on the face during a facial or body treatment. The Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer lets you provide that little luxury touch for each client.

The light aromatic scent released by the heated towels will transport your clients to the spa mindset from the moment you lay the warmed cloth on their skin. They’ll be impressed that even your solo operation offers such professional touches.

Quality Materials and Construction

This towel warmer cabinet features industrial quality rust-resistant aluminum alloy on the interior. The removable shelf and water collector are made of durable stainless steel for easy cleaning.

The sleek black exterior has a modern powder coated finish that looks great. This towel warmer has undergone strict quality control testing and inspections to ensure safety, durability, and long-term performance.

Asiakarn stands behind the workmanship with a 1 year warranty. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Ideal for Any Salon or Spa

The Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer is a must-have for:

  • Facial salons and skin care spas
  • Massage therapy offices
  • Medical spas and aestheticians
  • Hair and nail salons
  • Barber shops
  • Tattoo and piercing studios
  • Wellness centers
  • Pilates, yoga, and barre studios
  • Athletic training rooms
  • And more!

Professional reviewers love the compact size, quality construction, easy operation, and effectiveness of the Asiakarn Small Towel Warmer. It receives high ratings from estheticians, massage therapists, nail techs, and salon owners who are delighted with its performance and value.

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