Augustinus Bader The Conditioner – Nourishing Formula for Smoother, Softer Hair



Get ready to transform your hair’s texture and shine with Augustinus Bader’s nourishing conditioner. Formulated with the brand’s patented TFC8 technology, this conditioner deeply hydrates and repairs hair while enhancing softness, combability and manageability.

The Power of TFC8

At the heart of Augustinus Bader’s haircare is TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex), a proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found in the skin. This complex supports the nutrient cycle in the scalp and follicles for optimal hair health.

The key benefits of TFC8 include:

  • Stimulates blood flow to follicles
  • Provides essential nutrients
  • Promotes thicker, fuller hair
  • Boosts scalp vitality

By nourishing hair follicles and the surrounding skin, TFC8 enhances the hair’s natural rejuvenation process. Hair becomes stronger and more vibrant with each use.

Intense Hydration and Repair

Augustinus Bader’s conditioner deeply moisturizes hair that’s dry or damaged. Natural oils and butters replenish lipids that have been stripped away by heat styling, chemical treatments or environmental factors.

Key moisturizing ingredients include:

  • Argan oil – rich in fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Shea butter – softens and smooths hair cuticles
  • Sunflower seed extract – seals in hydration

As the conditioner hydrates, it also repairs areas of weakness and rebuild bonds for stronger strands less prone to breakage. Your hair regains its natural resilience and elasticity.

Enhanced Softness and Manageability

In addition to repairing damage, Augustinus Bader’s conditioner makes hair easier to detangle and style. Natural emollients reduce friction and smooth the cuticle for silkier hair that’s a pleasure to run your fingers through.

Key conditioning ingredients include:

  • Cetearyl alcohol – skin-softening emollient
  • Cetyl esters – smooths cuticle and adds shine
  • Sodium PCA – humectant that prevents flyaways

As it conditions, the formula also detangles to make combing and styling a breeze. Just a dollop makes hair far more cooperative.

How to Use

After shampooing, apply a generous amount of Augustinus Bader The Conditioner throughout damp hair. For very dry or thick hair, concentrate on the mid-lengths and ends. Comb through to evenly distribute the conditioner.

Let the formula soak in for 1-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Style hair as usual.

For an extra moisture boost, cover hair with a shower cap and let the conditioner penetrate for up to 5 minutes before rinsing.

Use the conditioner 1-2 times per week for optimally soft, healthy hair.

The Augustinus Bader Difference

What makes Augustinus Bader’s haircare stand out? In addition to the transformative TFC8 complex, the brand pioneers an intelligent filtration system for unprecedented refinement.

The filtration process uses activated carbon and PVP/VA to remove impurities while retaining beneficial nutrients. The result is a highly pure formula that deeply nourishes without burdening the hair.

Experience the difference this ultra-purified, technologically advanced formula makes. Transform the look, feel and health of your hair with Augustinus Bader The Conditioner.


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