Badash Stormy Rainbow Art Glass – Murano-Style Art Glass Bowl Centerpiece



Experience the thrilling beauty of the rainbow brought to life with the Badash Stormy Rainbow Art Glass Murano-Style Bowl. This exquisite 8-inch wide mouth-blown glass bowl radiates with dashing rainbow colors and refined stormy form for a vibrant, eye-catching accent piece.

Add a captivating pop of color and artisan intrigue to any space with this handcrafted rainbow glass bowl. The freeform shape and swirling colors are reminiscent of celebrated Murano art glass from Venice, Italy. But this bowl is made with just as much care and skill by artisans right here in the USA.

The rainbow of colors incool blues, greens, yellows and oranges dance and swirl in an organic, fluid design. No two bowls are exactly alike, making each one a unique handmade work of art.

This gorgeous rainbow glass bowl makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. The stunning colors and artisanal style are sure to delight anyone who loves art, color, and handmade crafts.

Vibrant Focal Point for Any Decor

Make a bold statement by displaying this glass rainbow bowl as the focal point on a console table, buffet, kitchen island, dining table or mantle. The eye-catching colors and fluid shape command attention.

In the living room or bedroom, this brilliant rainbow bowl adds a fun pop of color and texture when placed on a side table, dresser, credenza or nightstand.

For the dining table or kitchen, this glass bowl makes a beautiful centerpiece. Fill with fresh flowers, floating candles, river rocks, seashells or fresh fruit for an inviting look. The colors pick up and enhance any table decor.

In the bathroom, fill this bowl with cotton balls, soaps or bath bombs for a spa-like feel. The relaxing rainbow colors create a serene environment.

Endless Gift and Home Decor Possibilities

This hand-blown art glass bowl makes a fantastic gift for any occasion – birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings and holidays. The brilliant colors and artisanal style appeal to anyone who loves unique home decor and handcrafted artisan wares.

The vibrant rainbow design is perfect for brightening up any room. The freeform bowl shape can be mixed and matched with decor of any style – modern, contemporary, traditional, bohemian, coastal, rustic or eclectic.

The swirling colors and fluid shape are universally appealing. And the fact that each piece is handmade adds special meaning and significance.

Handcrafted with Heritage and Care

This mouth-blown glass bowl reflects centuries of glass artisan heritage and tradition. The technique dates back to Murano, Italy, where artisans perfected the craft of hand-blowing glass using a blowpipe and molds.

Today in America, talented artisans practice the same time-honored technique. Each bowl is individually hand-blown to create the signature swirling rainbow colors and unique shape.

Just like the renowned Murano glass makers, these American artisans take pride in their craft. They expertly blow and shape the glass, watching closely as the mesmerizing colors mix and move.

Each piece is an individual work of art owing to the handmade process. There are slight variations in size, thickness and color patterns. But that’s part of the beauty and magic. You are assured of getting an authentic handcrafted glass art bowl.

Crystal Clear Glass Composition

Authentic Murano-style glass bowls are handmade from superior molten glass containing minerals and compounds like silica sand, soda and lime.

When heated to extremely high temperatures over 2,300 degrees fahrenheit, the substances fuse to create durable, shatter-resistant crystal glass.

The mineral composition gives the glass its signature clarity and lets light dance through the translucent colors. This allows the exquisite rainbow swirls and vibrant hues to shine.

Genuine hand-blown glass feels substantial and smooth with some slight variances that come from the handcrafting process. Each piece has its own character and soul.

Decorate with Brilliant Rainbow Color

This hand-blown rainbow art glass bowl brings the beauty of the rainbow alive in your home.

The swirling mix of blues, greens, yellows and oranges is inspired by the colors that shine through a prism. It’s as if a rainbow has been captured in the glass.

The freeform shape gives the rainbow colors a wild, fluid look as they blend and swirl together. No two bowls are exactly the same putting on a different rainbow show.

Let this glass bowl fill your home with the energy and joy of the rainbow. The vibrant colors and artistry add a fun, playful element to any room.

Easy to Care for Timeless Beauty

This handcrafted rainbow bowl brings enduring, timeless beauty to your decor. The brilliant colors and fluid art glass styling stay forever eye-catching and intriguing.

Caring for this hand-blown glass art bowl is easy. Gently wash by hand with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges. Let air dry thoroughly.

For extra care, apply a small amount of mineral oil to maintain the smooth glassy shine. Place on a soft padded surface when not on display to prevent scratches.

With simple care, this rainbow glass bowl will stay vibrant and inspiring for many years of enjoyment. A treasured artisan accent piece to display with pride.

Give your home decor a brilliant pop of rainbow color with the mesmerizing beauty of the Badash Stormy Rainbow Art Glass Bowl. This gorgeous Murano-style hand-blown glass bowl delivers stunning rainbow style that makes every day feel special.


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