Bagno Milano Luxury 6 Piece Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set – Ultra Soft, Absorbent & Quick Dry Towels



Give your bathroom a stylish upgrade with the Bagno Milano Luxury 6 Piece Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set. This set includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths made from 100% premium long-staple Turkish cotton. Known for its superior softness and ability to absorb moisture quickly, Turkish cotton is the ideal material for luxurious, spa-like towels.

The moment you wrap yourself in these towels after a bath or shower, you’ll notice the incredibly soft, plush feel against your skin. Far softer than regular bath towels, these premium towels envelop you in cozy comfort. The thick, fluffy texture gently dries your skin without any irritation or friction. Even after multiple washes, these towels stay soft while retaining their lush density. Forget stiff, scratchy towels – treat yourself to the ultimate bathing experience with Bagno Milano’s Turkish cotton towels.

Not only are these towels incredibly soft, they also offer superior absorbency and quick drying performance. Expertly crafted using Aqua Fibro’s unique spinning technology, the cotton loops are densely packed to rapidly wick away moisture. Stepping out of the shower or bath, the water is swiftly absorbed so you feel dry in an instant. No more damp towels hanging around or waiting ages to dry. The thick towels have been designed to provide efficient drying in a lighter weight.

With repeated use, these high quality towels get even softer while maintaining their ability to dry quickly. The dense cotton loops don’t break down or become less effective over time. Bagno Milano’s Turkish cotton towels are made to last many years with proper care. Choose from an array of charming colors to coordinate with your bath decor.

Designed for comfort, quality and durability, this Bagno Milano towel set includes:

Bath Towels – Generously sized at 27 x 54 inches, these plush bath towels wrap your body in soothing softness. Available in gray, white, sand and more.

Hand Towels – The 16 x 30 inch hand towels are perfect for drying hands and faces without irritation. Complement your bath towels.

Washcloths – These 12 x 12 inch washcloths complete the set. Gentle exfoliation for softer, more radiant skin.

Crafted from 100% hypoallergenic long-staple Turkish cotton, these towels are free of harmful chemicals and safe for the whole family. The dyes used create rich, vibrant hues that won’t fade or bleed over time. Bagno Milano oversees production in their Turkish-based facility to ensure 5-star quality control standards.

Each towel goes through an intricate 12 step finishing process using eco-friendly dyes and proprietary softening techniques. The result is a luxurious 6 piece towel set that feels better than any towels you’ve owned before.

Pamper yourself at home with the cozy comfort of Bagno Milano’s Turkish cotton towels. The ultra soft, absorbent texture dries your skin in a gentle cocoon after every bath or shower. Quick to dry after use, the towels retain their lush density wash after wash. A quality towel set makes a meaningful upgrade to any bathroom.

Reasons to Choose Bagno Milano’s Turkish Cotton Towel Set:

Ultra Soft & Plush – Made from 100% premium long-staple Turkish cotton for a cloud-like feel.

Super Absorbent – Densely woven Turkish cotton rapidly wicks away moisture.

Quick Drying – Towels dry faster thanks to expert construction.

Durable Quality – Maintain softness and absorbency even after repeated washing.

Eco-Friendly Dyes – Rich colors created with sustainable, non-toxic dyes.

Hypoallergenic – Safe for sensitive skin with no harsh chemicals.

6 Piece Set – Includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths.

Multiple Colors – Choose from gray, white, sand and more color options.

Luxury Upgrade – Affordable luxury to enhance your bathing routine.

Gift Worthy – A special gift for birthdays, weddings and holidays.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – 30 day money back guarantee.

Elevate your bathroom with the indulgent comfort of Bagno Milano’s Turkish cotton towels. The ultra soft, absorbent texture dries and comforts your skin after bathing. Constructed for optimal softness, absorbency and quick drying convenience. Treat yourself to little luxuries.

Care Instructions:

To retain the soft, plush texture and quick drying capabilities follow these care instructions:

Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach.
For best results, wash towels separately.
Tumble dry on low heat or hang to air dry.
Avoid fabric softener which could diminish absorbency.
With proper care, these Turkish cotton towels will become even softer and last for years of spa-worthy comfort.

Refresh your bath with Bagno Milano’s Luxury 6 Piece Turkish Cotton Towel Set today. Your skin will thank you.


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