Bare Decor Lykos Teak Wood Spa Shower Mat, Large



Revive your shower space with the natural warmth and style of the Bare Decor Lykos Teak Wood Spa Shower Mat. Handcrafted from gorgeous solid teak wood in a rich oiled finish, this luxurious shower mat adds a touch of spa-like pampering to your daily shower routine.

Teak is prized for its natural beauty, water-resistance, and durability. The high oil content of the wood acts as a natural moisture barrier, preventing water absorption while bringing out the handsome wood grain patterns. The result is a shower mat that can withstand the wet environment of a shower or spa while still looking great.

This large shower mat measures 35.5 x 23.5 inches, providing plenty of coverage for most shower stalls and bathtub spaces. The slatted design allows for drainage and air circulation to prevent mold or mildew buildup. Small rubber feet on the bottom help keep the mat securely in place.

Once you step onto the Lykos teak wood mat, you’ll be amazed at the feel of the warm, soft wood underfoot. Teak has a natural ability to maintain a comfortable temperature in hot or cold conditions. Take a rejuvenating shower on this spa-like mat, and you’ll think you’re at a luxury tropical resort.


  • Crafted from solid teak wood with an oiled finish – Gorgeous wood brings natural style into the shower
  • Water-resistant and durable – Withstands wet shower conditions beautifully due to its high oil content
  • Large size – 35.5 x 23.5 inch mat fits most shower stalls and bathtub spaces
  • Slatted design – Allows for drainage and ventilation to prevent mold/mildew
  • Natural temperature regulation – Teak wood maintains a comfortably warm feel underfoot
  • Non-slip rubber feet – Keeps mat securely in place on shower floor
  • Easy care – Simply rinse and dry after each use to maintain the mat’s beauty

Revive Your Shower with Spa-Like Luxury

With its natural good looks and decadent feel, the Lykos teak wood shower mat turns an ordinary shower into a rejuvenating spa experience. The mat creates a warm and welcoming feel underfoot, while its beautiful oiled teak construction brings a luxurious touch to your bathroom decor.

Teak is the ideal wood for the humid bathroom environment. It has a renowned ability to withstand wet conditions beautifully without warping or rotting. The rich oil finish repels water while accentuating the intricate wood grain for a high-end look.

Give your feet a treat with the sublime feel of solid teak wood. The mat provides a gentle massaging effect that relaxes the body and soothes tired muscles. Its naturally insulating properties maintain a perfect barefoot temperature – never too hot or too cold.

With minimal care, this shower mat will last for years of daily use. Simply rinse and dry it after each shower to keep the wood in flawless condition. Use a mild soap and water solution periodically to maintain the mat’s warm, polished glow.

Pamper yourself with the spa-like luxury of the Bare Decor Lykos teak wood shower mat. Its beauty, quality, and comfort will enhance your bathing ritual daily. Elevate your shower space with this touch of natural luxury.

Ideal for Shower, Spa, Sauna, and More

The Lykos teak wood mat is designed for use in damp indoor environments. Use it in your shower stall, bathtub, sauna, or spa area to add a warm and welcoming touch.

Outdoors, it’s perfect for a covered patio, balcony, poolside deck, or RV. The natural water-resistance of teak allows this mat to hold up well for outdoor use. When not in use, simply roll up the mat and stow it away for easy storage and portability.

Give your feet a treat while adding natural style to your home. The Bare Decor Lykos teak wood spa shower mat elevates any shower or bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Its solid wood craftsmanship and beautiful finish are made to last for years of daily enjoyment.

Treat yourself to the little luxuries that make a home truly personal. Bring the warmth, beauty, and comfort of this teak wood mat into your most private spaces.


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