BATHSIR Antique Brass Retractable Towel Bar Set – Adjustable Bathroom Hardware Includes Towel Holder, Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Ring and Robe Hook – Vintage Carved Style (4 Pieces)



Upgrade your bathroom decor with this elegant and functional 4-piece antique brass towel bar set from BATHSIR. Featuring a unique expandable towel bar that adjusts in length from 15.2 to 27.8 inches, this set provides customized storage solutions to fit your space and needs.

Retractable Towel Bar Adds Flexible Storage

The retractable towel bar is the star of this towel bar set. With adjustable arms that slide outward, you can extend the towel bar up to 27.8 inches or retract it to just 15.2 inches. This adaptability lets you mount it above a single sink or stretch it wider to hang towels and bathroom essentials above a double vanity.

The expandable arms tighten into place with twist knobs on the interior side, providing a rigid hold once adjusted to your desired length. This innovative expanding mechanism means you can install this towel bar in smaller bathrooms but still extend it as needed for extra guest towels or drying bathroom linens.

Toilet Paper Holder Stores Rolls Vertically or Horizontally

Keep extra toilet paper rolls handy but out of sight with the freestanding toilet paper holder included in this set. Featuring a weighted cylindrical base, this holder keeps toilet paper upright and unwinds easily.

The chrome spindle extends vertically, accommodating standard toilet paper rolls loaded horizontally. For smaller half-size rolls, simply install them vertically on the holder. The weighted base keeps the holder stable and prevent tipping, while the tall spindle keeps extra rolls off the floor and within easy reach.

Convenient Towel Ring and Robe Hook Provide Additional Storage

This set also includes a handy towel ring and robe hook to provide more specialized storage options in your bathroom. The robe hook features a double hook design, ideal for hanging towels, robes, or lightweight coats. The towel ring rotates a full 180 degrees to allow easy access to towels.

Together with the adjustable towel bar, these accessories give you versatile storage combinations. Hang hand towels from the ring, bath towels from the bar, and robes on the hooks to keep bathroom essentials organized and close at hand.

Antique Brass Finish Adds Vintage Styling

With its handsome oil-rubbed bronze finish, this towel bar set brings vintage character to your bathroom. The dark antique brass patina lends a timeworn look, like treasured antiques that have been cherished for generations.

The carved floral embellishments and gentle curves of the hardware complement the rich, burnished bronze tone. Warm and welcoming, this antique-inspired look infuses traditional styling into bathrooms from glamorous to rustic. Display with other oil-rubbed bronze bathroom accessories for a cohesive, vintage-chic ensemble.

Easy to Install

Mounting this towel bar set is simple with all included hardware. The retractable towel bar and toilet paper holder feature concealed mounting plates with pre-drilled screw holes for straightforward installation.

Secure the towel ring and robe hooks into wall studs using the provided screws. Detailed instructions walk you through the easy installation process. All mounting hardware tucks away out of sight, keeping walls clear around this towel bar set.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Expertly crafted from brass with resistant zinc alloy components, this towel bar set is built to last. The extendable towel bar glides smoothly on concealed ball bearings, while twist knobs keep it firmly in place once positioned.

All hardware withstands rust, tarnish, and corrosion. The intricate details of the antique brass finish are guaranteed to retain their luster and vintage styling with proper care.

Backed by a 5-year warranty, this complete towel bar set provides versatile bathroom storage to enjoy for years. With flexibility, style, and durability, it’s an elegant addition to any bathroom.

Product Details

  • Complete 4-piece towel bar set includes adjustable towel bar, toilet paper holder, towel ring, and double robe hook
  • Towel bar extends from 15.2 to 27.8 inches to fit different space needs
  • Toilet paper holder accommodates vertical or horizontal rolls
  • Towel ring rotates 180° for easy access to towels
  • Robe hook great for hanging towels, robes, coats
  • Antique brass finish lends vintage styling
  • Concealed mounting plates and hardware for clean look
  • Crafted from premium brass for durability
  • 5-year warranty

Give your bathroom a coordinated, vintage look with the BATHSIR Antique Brass Towel Bar Set. With flexible storage options to suit your space, this adjustable set simplifies your bath organization while lending timeless style. Extend the antique brass bar wider to hang towels in a master bath or retract it for a more compact fit in a small powder room. The toilet paper holder, towel ring, and robe hooks add specialized storage solutions. Beautiful and functional, this complete 4-piece set enhances any bathroom decor with vintage character.


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