BCW Shoe 2 Row Storage Box for Trading Cards and Memorabilia – Sturdy 1600 Count Cardboard Organizer



Keep your trading card collection organized and protected with the BCW Shoe 2 Row Storage Box. This ingenious two-piece box provides ample space to store up to 1600 standard sized trading cards or 350 toploaded cards, keeping them neatly arranged and easy to access.

Spacious Yet Compact Design

Measuring 14 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 4.16 inches high, this shoebox sized container strikes the perfect balance between capacity and convenience. The slim profile allows you to stack multiple storage boxes on shelves or in closets without taking up too much space. Two divided rows give you options to separate different parts of your collection however you like.

High Quality Cardboard Construction

Built from durable and rigid corrugated cardboard, these boxes maintain their shape nicely so cards won’t get bent or damaged. The sturdy material also helps the boxes hold up well to regular use without falling apart over time. Bright white cardboard looks great and helps make text on cards easier to read.

Ideal for Trading Card Collections

The roomy two-row design provides the perfect amount of space for storing and organizing sports cards, gaming cards, or non-sport trading cards. You can also use it for keeping other collectibles like stamps or coins neatly arranged. Built specifically with card collectors in mind, this box has just the right dimensions to handle all standard sized trading cards, including toploaded cards.

Versatile Storage Solutions

In addition to trading cards, these 2-row boxes work great for all kinds of hobby supplies and memorabilia. Keep your ticket stubs, photos, receipts, kids artwork, and more protected in these handy storage containers. Crafters will love using them for storing and organizing scrapbooking papers, die cuts, stickers, and embellishments too. The possibilities are endless!

Stackable Design Saves Space

Built to interlock securely, these storage boxes can be stacked up to 10 high on shelves, in closets, or anywhere you need organized storage. The attached lid stays put so cards won’t spill everywhere when you pull out a box from the middle of a stack. Stack up as many as you need to keep your card collection consolidated yet easily accessible.

Reliable Protection for Your Collection

Keep your trading card collection safe from moisture, dirt, bending, and other damage. The durable cardboard construction and tight sealing lid lock out dust and debris. Storing your cards flat in a sturdy box prevents them from getting bent and damaged over time, maintaining their condition.

Buy With Confidence

BCW Supplies LLC is committed to providing hobbyists and collectors with innovative, quality products at affordable prices. Their storage solutions are designed by enthusiasts to meet the needs of the collector community. With decades of experience, BCW has become a leader in hobby supplies and accessories.

Give your trading card collection the protection and organization it deserves. Pick up the BCW Shoe Storage Box today and breathe easy knowing your cards are neatly stored in a durable, well-designed box. It makes the perfect storage solution for any trading card or memorabilia collection.


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