BCW Super Shoe Storage Box, 3000 Count – The Ultimate Card Collector’s Organizer!



Tired of rummaging through messy cardboard boxes and overflowing binders trying to find your favorite trading cards? Struggling to keep your prized collectibles organized and protected? We have the perfect solution for you – the BCW Super Shoe Storage Box!

Store Thousands of Cards in One Convenient Box

This incredible card storage box holds a massive 3000 count of standard sized trading cards, so you can finally corral even your biggest collections into one organized space. No more digging through piles of unsorted cards and wondering where your rarest finds disappeared to. The BCW Super Shoe Box is like a filing cabinet for your trading card collection!

Keep Your Cards Safe and Protected

The heavyweight rigid plastic construction and attached lid on this storage box will keep your cards from getting damaged or misplaced. Far more secure than flimsy cardboard long boxes that can bend and warp over time. Your prized collectibles will stay dust-free and neatly stacked in the BCW Super Shoe Box.

Organize Your Collection with Removable Dividers

To help you arrange and partition your cards just the way you like, this shoe storage box comes with 5 removable dividers. Separate cards by year, brand, sport, or any other categories you want. Easily reconfigure the dividers whenever you add new cards to your collection. Much more versatile than bulky cardboard boxes!

Store and Protect Your Toploaders Too!

In addition to standard sized cards, the BCW Super Shoe Box can accommodate up to 675 3×4 toploaders – perfect for shielding your most valuable cards in safe, rigid protection. Toploaders slide neatly into the bottom of the box, keeping them secure and scratch-free. Far better than loosely tossed toploader stacks!

High Visibility White for Easier Browsing

With its clean, bright white color, this storage box makes it easy to quickly thumb through your card collection and find exactly what you’re looking for. No more strains and squints trying to uncover cards in dark, dingy cardboard boxes. The bright white BCW Super Shoe Box lets you easily identify and admire your cards!

Durable, Stackable, Portable & Space-Saving!

Built from durable plastic that won’t crush or deform, the BCW Super Shoe Box stacks neatly with other BCW boxes – great for organizing a card room or closet. The attached lid and built-in handle make this storage box easy to transport and carry along to card shows, conventions, or gaming nights. And it takes up far less space than the multiple cardboard long boxes required to hold the same quantity of cards!

Give your trading card collection the organizational system it deserves with the BCW Super Shoe Storage Box, 3000 Count. Order yours today and breathe new life into your card collection! Your cards will thank you.

Customer Reviews

Best storage for my Pokémon cards! 5/5

“I have a pretty massive Pokémon card collection and it was getting really disorganized shoved in cardboard boxes. The BCW super shoe box fits thousands of cards perfectly while keeping them neatly stacked and easy to sort through. Much higher quality and more durable than regular card boxes.”

John S.

No more damaged cards! 5/5

“I was worried my valuable vintage baseball cards would get damaged bouncing around in cheap cardboard storage boxes. This BCW shoe box keeps them totally protected so I don’t have to worry about my collection getting ruined. Worth the price for high quality and peace of mind.”

Amanda R.

Great for card shows 4/5

“I sell at sports memorabilia conventions and these BCW shoe boxes are perfect for transporting my inventory. Way more secure than trying to carry multiple unwieldy long boxes. My cards stay neatly organized in the BCW box and it’s easy to bring them from table to table.”

Chris P.


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