BDF NA20 Window Film – Privacy, Sun Blocking, and Energy Savings for Your Home



Experience the power of transformation with BDF NA20 Window Film. This innovative film turns ordinary windows into privacy shields and cooling machines, all while maintaining a stylish dark tint. Say goodbye to awkward peeking neighbors and unrelenting sunlight, and say hello to comfort, beauty, and savings on energy bills.

With its deep, dark black finish, the BDF NA20 film provides excellent daytime privacy for any room. Nosy neighbors and passersby won’t be able to see into your home, giving you the freedom to go about your day without worry of prying eyes. The dark tint also blocks glare, creating a soothing environment free of eye strain. You’ll no longer have to draw the blinds to avoid the fishbowl effect. The NA20 transforms your windows into shields of privacy and relaxation.

In addition to excellent visibility control, the NA20 film also helps reduce cooling costs during the sweltering summer months. By blocking a significant portion of the sun’s infrared heat and UV rays, this film acts as insulation for your windows. Homes installed with NA20 Window Film can experience reduced air conditioning bills, even during the most oppressive heat waves. The dark tint helps reflect the sun’s penetrating rays before they heat up your indoor space. Keep cool while keeping cash in your wallet.

Installation is straightforward with the NA20’s strong adhesives that adhere to windows for many years of performance. Remember to thoroughly soak both the window and adhesive side of the film with a soap and water mixture during application. This allows you to position the film until it’s perfectly located. Once dried, the adhesive forms a tight, enduring bond that withstands all types of weather and temperature changes. Avoid attaching to dual pane windows, as condensation may occur inside the glass panes.

This high quality film features nanotechnology to reject heat and glare, while maintaining excellent light filtration and aesthetics. However, the NA20’s advanced composition also makes it a more delicate material requiring gentle handling. Be sure to avoid any folds, bumps, or indentations during installation and use. We recommend installing the film slowly and deliberately to avoid wrinkles or bubbles beneath the surface. The beauty and performance of the NA20 depends on a pristine application.

Experience uncomplicated installation with all the free tools and detailed instructions included with your order. Our NA20 Window Film ships ready for DIY application on any glass surface. Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve professional results. Transforming your home has never been this easy.

Breathe new life into your home with the transformative power of BDF NA20 Window Film. Enjoy increased privacy, fewer energy bills, and protection from heat and glare – all with a sophisticated dark aesthetic. Take the first step toward a more comfortable home by ordering your NA20 Window Film today.

Product Highlights

  • Dark, black finish blocks views and glare
  • Reduces heat and cools homes to lower AC bills
  • Strong adhesive creates long-lasting bond to glass
  • Nanotechnology provides effective performance
  • Delicate film requires gentle handling to avoid wrinkles
  • DIY installation with included tools and instructions

Transform Your Home with Innovative Window Film

Experience the NA20 Window Film difference. This product combines aesthetics, technology, and utility to create the ultimate glass treatment. With its deep black finish, the NA20 immediately upgrades the look of any room while providing practical benefits like heat reduction, UV blocking, and daytime privacy. Bathroom, bedroom, office – the NA20 improves every space while preserving connections to the outdoors.

The sleek, dark tint imparts a contemporary style to your home. Unlike blinds and curtains that obstruct views, the NA20 allows natural light to filter into rooms while controlling both visibility and glare. Apply the film to create zones of privacy without sacrificing your connection to the world outside your windows.

In addition to excellent aesthetics and visibility control, the NA20 Window Film helps lower energy consumption in your home. By blocking a large percentage of solar infrared heat and UV rays, the film acts as insulation against the summer sun. Light still shines through, but the film’s nanotechnology reflects the most powerful – and damaging – rays. Homeowners experience significantly lower cooling bills after installing NA20 Window Films.

Combine the NA20’s heat blocking abilities with its UV protection to save your interior furnishings from fading. Rugs, wood floors, upholstery and more maintain their vibrancy when shielded from the sun’s rays. Keep your home both comfortable and beautifully decorated for years to come.

Upgrade beyond old-fashioned blinds and experience the modern, innovative power of NA20 Window Film.

Superb Performance and Privacy

Traditional window coverings simply cannot compare to the performance of NA20 Window Film. Measure the NA20 against blinds and curtains using these criteria:


Blinds/Curtains: Must be fully closed to prevent visibility

NA20 Film: Provides privacy day or night, open or closed

Light Filtering

Blinds/Curtains: Fully obstruct incoming light

NA20 Film: Permits filtered daylight to enter room

Glare Reduction

Blinds/Curtains: Must be closed to reduce glare

NA20 Film: Eliminates glare even when open

UV Blocking

Blinds/Curtains: Minimal protection against fading

NA20 Film: Blocks up to 99% of UV rays

Temperature Control

Blinds/Curtains: Little insulation against heat/cold

NA20 Film: Reduces solar heat gain to lower AC costs

Take control over your environment with NA20 Window Film. Enjoy privacy without sacrificing natural light. Reduce heat and glare even with windows wide open. The high tech film brings aesthetics and practicality together.

Experience Effortless Installation

Achieve a professional look without the hassle and expense of professional installation. The NA20 Window Film comes with an adhesive backing for simple DIY application. Follow these steps:

Clean the glass surface completely and allow to fully dry. Eliminate any dust, grease, or debris.
Mist the window and adhesive side of the film with the included application fluid. This allows you to reposition the film until placement is perfect.
Peel away the backing and apply the film to the window. Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles with the included squeegee.
Use the squeegee with firm pressure to secure the adhesive backing to the glass.
Trim excess film around the frame with scissors or a utility knife.
Allow the film to dry for several days to allow the adhesive to fully adhere to the window.
With the included tools and detailed instructions, first-time installers can achieve results like a professional tinting service. Transform your home yourself with the user-friendly NA20 Window Film system. Just take care when handling the film itself to avoid any folds, wrinkles, or creases that could impact the final aesthetic.

Protect Your Home in Style with NA20

BDF NA20 Window Film combines the latest in nanotechnology and material engineering to create a product that defines elegance and functionality. Regain control over your environment with film that simultaneously beautifies, insulates, protects, and privatizes any glass surface. The dark tint imparts sophistication to your decor while keeping interiors cooler and blocking UV damage.

Upgrade your home today with NA20 Window Film. Enjoy increased comfort, lower energy bills, and protection for furnishings while experiencing the chic, contemporary look of tinted windows. NA20’s advanced design keeps your spaces private without sacrificing the sunlight you want pouring in.

Give every room in your home a new look while solving practical problems like heat, glare, and nosey neighbors. Transform ordinary glass into an attractive, insulating barrier through the innovative power of BDF NA20 Window Film. Order today and experience the difference.


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