Bdor Halloween Spooky Haunted House with Lit Car, Music and Removable Figures for Indoor/Outdoor Decor



Make way for the spookiest house on the block this Halloween! Bdor’s haunted house decoration will send a chill down your spine with its sound effects, lighting and movable figures. At just 7.8 inches tall, it’s the perfect size to set up indoors or outdoors. Vivid details like the boarded-up windows, peeling paint and ramshackle porch make it look like a creepy abandoned home. But this house comes to life with frightening features! Flashing color-changing LED lights illuminate the windows, highlighting weathered details and creating an eerie glow after dark. Bring on the jump scares with built-in ghostly sounds like screeching cats, howling wind and creaking doors. These unexpected noises will give your family and trick-or-treaters a fright!

A haunted highlight is the ghost-driven car cruising around the haunted house. It’s decked out in creepy details like a skeleton driver and batty hood ornament. The removable vehicle is easy to position however you like for customized spooky scenarios. Drive the hearse around to pick up hitchhiking ghosts, park next to the porch for a ghostly visitor or send the car crashing out of the living room for a supernatural surprise! With so many ways to display the figures and car, the storytelling possibilities are endless.

Speaking of figures, this haunted house decoration includes a set of spooky characters to display inside and outside the home. The included ghosts feature various designs like a floating white apparition, creepy hooded phantom and even a ghost dog! Pose the detachable figures peeking out of windows, lurking on the porch or wherever you imagine spirits would haunt. Their transparent and glowing styles look right at home in this haunted house. And since they’re completely removable, it’s easy to set up custom ghostly scenes each time you display it.

Product Details

  • Materials: Premium resin construction with intricately sculpted details, vivid paint and decorative fabric accents.
  • Dimensions: 7.8″ H x 5.5″ W x 5.5″ D. Mid-size decoration perfect for tabletops, shelves, mantels, porches and more.
  • Flashing LED lights: Color-changing bulbs cast an eerie glow through the windows.
  • Spooky sounds: Plays audio effects like howling wind, creaking doors, cats screeching and more.
  • Motorized car: Ghost figure drives a hearse-style car that cruises around the house. Removable for custom display.
  • Posable figures: Includes set of transparent ghost figures with light-up details. Easily removable to set up haunted scenes.
  • Indoor/outdoor: Durable construction that’s rain and fade resistant. Lights up outdoor Halloween decorations.
  • Battery-powered: Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included) for cordless operation and easy set up anywhere.

An Animated Centerpiece for Halloween Decor

Search over – this haunted house is the ultimate animated Halloween decoration for indoor and outdoor displays! It’s a decorating tradition to have an eerie focal point and this porch-ready haunted house fits the bill. The impressive 7.8-inch scale makes it easy to spotlight on mantle, table, entryway or as a statement piece of outdoor decor. Picture this spooky house all lit up with color-changing illumination as the ghost car cruises around and ghoulish sounds echo through the night.

Halloween experts know that decorations with moving elements and interactive features grab attention and delight. That’s why this haunted house strikes a perfect balance between decor and amusement. It captivates admirers with the mesmerizing lights, roaming car and integrated sound effects. Kids will have a blast triggering the sounds and making up ghost stories to match the haunting scenes they pose. And party guests won’t be able to resist tinkering with the figures and vehicle as they take in all the vivid details. The dynamic design offers endless possibilities, making this so much more than static decor.

Realistic Details for Maximum Scares

While the tech features wow, it’s the ultra-realistic details that give you goosebumps! This haunted house will send a shiver down your spine with its dilapidated facade replicating a weathered, abandoned home. Intricate sculpting creates wood grain texture on the porch posts and tangible wear on the clapboard siding. Ominous smashed windows let colorful lights peek through, suggesting paranormal activity within. Tattered curtains and a rusty weathervane on the peaked roof complete the eerie aesthetic. It’s a simple design made creepy with the devil in the details.

The set of ghostly figures continue the realistic theme with their creative and varied designs. Keep an eye out for the transparent spirit floating right through the walls and ghostly dog lurking on the porch. A hooded phantom stirs up major scares and the skeleton driver is hilarious for younger audiences. Collect all the figures for an edgy indoor display and rotate them season to season for a fresh look. Their creativity makes ordinary Halloween decor come alive!

Indoor/Outdoor Versatile Halloween Decor

Halloween’s not just one night – it’s a whole spooky season! This haunted house decor helps extend the holiday fun while conveniently transitioning from indoor to outdoor display. The durable resin construction holds up to weather with fade and rain resistance. Bright LED lights amp up outdoor decor and make it shine after dark. Cordless battery-powered operation lets you easily set it up anywhere with no outlet required. Run the vehicle and sounds to energize indoor Halloween parties or mute it for subtle ambience.

Once Halloween night winds down, keep the decor going strong through fall. The vintage haunted house and cozy illuminations set a delightful mood for Thanksgiving entertaining. Come December, you can highlight the ghosts, car and lights for a spooktacular twist on Christmas villages. However you decorate for the seasons, this piece sparks creativity and joy!

Bdor’s haunted house delivers thrilling tech features paired with true-to-life touches of terror. Let your Halloween decorating reach new heights with interactive animated decor designed to spook and delight all season long! Order now and get ready for a hauntingly good holiday…


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