BedStory Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper



Experience a cooler, more comfortable sleep with the BedStory Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This 4 inch thick queen size mattress topper is infused with cooling gel and bamboo charcoal to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

The premium memory foam conforms to your body’s unique contours, providing customized support and pressure relief for your shoulders, hips and back. The open cell structure allows air to freely flow through the material, preventing heat buildup that can disrupt sleep. Bamboo charcoal infusion absorbs moisture and odors, keeping your mattress topper fresh night after night.

The plush memory foam cradles your body to relieve pressure points and properly align your spine, promoting restful sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, without the aches and pains that can come from sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

The removable, machine washable cover is made of breathable polyester that allows air to circulate. It secures to the mattress topper with elastic straps to prevent shifting or bunching during the night. Simply remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine to keep your mattress pad clean and hygienic.

Give your mattress a comfort and cooling upgrade with the BedStory Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper. The 4 inch thickness adds just the right amount of plushness without overwhelming your existing mattress. Gel infusion dissipates heat for a cooler sleep surface, while charcoal bamboo infusion absorbs odors and moisture.

Reasons to choose the BedStory Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

✅ Infused with cooling gel to regulate temperature
✅ Bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture and odors
✅ 4 inches of plush memory foam for cushioning comfort
✅ Aligns spine and relieves pressure points

✅ Removable, machine washable cover
✅ CertiPUR-US certified foam

Transform an old, uncomfortable mattress into one that provides contouring comfort and a cooler sleep surface. The BedStory mattress topper is made with the highest quality materials to ensure it retains its shape and performance.

The conforming memory foam filling cushions areas like the shoulders, hips and lower back that can press into a mattress and cause discomfort or sleep disruptions. By cushioning these zones, the memory foam topper allows you to fully relax into its embrace.

The infused gel microbeads pull heat away from your body so it can dissipate. This cooling effect combats sleeping hot, keeping your skin nice and dry all night long. For those who tend to overheat while sleeping, the BedStory mattress topper can help maintain an ideal temperature for uninterrupted rest.

Those sensitive to odors and moisture buildup will appreciate the bamboo charcoal infusion. Charcoal naturally absorbs excess moisture in the air, keeping mildew and mold at bay. It also traps odors so they don’t linger in your mattress topper. Enjoy night after night of fresh, hygienic sleep comfort.

Covered in a soft knit fabric, the mattress topper feels gentle against your skin while still allowing air circulation. The cover removes via a zipper so you can easily throw it in the wash to keep it clean. It secures to the topper with elastic corner straps that prevent shifting around your mattress.

Experience rejuvenating comfort and a cooler sleep surface with the BedStory Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Refresh an old mattress, protect a new one, or customize the feel of your bed with the plush support of memory foam. Bamboo charcoal keeps odors at bay while gel infusion regulates temperature all night long.


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