Bedtime Originals Whimsical Elephant Nursery Lamp



Bring a touch of whimsy and imagination to your little one’s nursery with the Bedtime Originals Whimsical Elephant Nursery Lamp. Lovingly handcrafted from resin, this charming lamp features a mama elephant tenderly embracing her baby calf in a heartwarming pose that will delight kids and parents alike.

With an endearing design and soft, neutral gray and white colors, this nursery lamp is sure to become a treasured keepsake in your child’s room. The mama elephant’s trunk gently wraps around her baby in a protective hug, capturing a quiet moment of bonding and unconditional love. Your little one will be comforted knowing their new elephant friends are watching over them as they drift off to sleep each night.

Whimsical Design Brings Imagination to Life

Hand painted in calming gray and white hues, the elephant pair seem to come to life on this charming lamp. Meticulous attention to detail is apparent in the elephants’ expressive eyes and wrinkled skin. The mama elephant’s calm and content expression as she snuggles her baby will make this lamp an endearing addition to your nursery.

Whether you’re looking for a soft night light or a fun accent lamp, the Bedtime Originals Whimsical Elephant Nursery Lamp is sure to delight. The whimsical elephant design encourages imagination and brings a playful spirit to your child’s room.

Quality Materials and Construction

Constructed from durable resin, this nursery lamp is built to last through years of bedtime stories and playtime adventures. The secure base ensures the lamp remains stable and upright. And the included coordinating lampshade incorporates an elegant gray trim that complements the elephants’ gray and white color palette beautifully.

The lamp comes equipped with an energy efficient bulb that casts a warm, comforting glow for bedtime. With an overall height of 14 1⁄2 inches, this lamp is perfectly sized for tabletops, dressers and nightstands in your baby’s nursery or toddler’s room. The compact footprint won’t take up too much precious space.

The Perfect Bedtime Night Light

Help your little one drift off to sleep with the soft, cozy glow from the Bedtime Originals Whimsical Elephant Nursery Lamp. The warm light provides just enough illumination for bedtime reading and eases new babies’ fears of the dark.

Parents of restless sleepers find the calming glow helps soothe their children to sleep. And the cute elephant pair watching over them gives added comfort and security. The lamp projects just the right amount of light for sleepy bedtime routines.

Add Whimsy and Encourage Imagination

Your child’s imagination will run wild with two elephant friends in the nursery! The hand painted gray elephants inspire creative play and storytelling. Kids will love making up adventures about exploring the wild with their elephant pals.

And the neutral colors allow this lamp to blend seamlessly into any nursery or bedroom decor. Match the gray and white color scheme or let the elephants pop against bold, vibrant room colors. Wherever it’s placed, the cute elephant scene is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face at bedtime for years to come.

Give the Gift of Imagination and Comfort

A timeless gift for baby showers, birthdays and holidays, the Bedtime Originals Whimsical Elephant Nursery Lamp is sure to become a treasured keepsake. The handcrafted resin elephant figurines and soft night light bring comfort and spark imagination in your child’s room.

With its unique, hand painted design and endearing elephant scene, this lamp makes a meaningful gift that will be cherished for years. Surprise your little one with their own elephant friends to guide them through bedtime and inspire magical play.

Create a Whimsical Nursery with the Bedtime Originals Elephant Lamp

Let your child’s imagination run wild and comfort them at bedtime with the Bedtime Originals Whimsical Elephant Nursery Lamp. Handcrafted resin elephants in soothing gray and white hues come to life in a darling pose that kids and parents adore.

The included coordinating lampshade and energy efficient bulb complete the look, creating a functional and decorative accent for your nursery. Spark your little one’s creativity and give the gift of comfort with this beloved elephant lamp.


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