Beelux Smart Touch LED Bathroom Mirror with Anti-Fog and Memory Functions<



Welcome to a new era of bathroom mirrors with the Beelux Smart Touch LED Bathroom Mirror. This innovative mirror combines advanced lighting technology, smart features, and sleek design to elevate your bathroom experience.

With adjustable LED lighting from 3000K to 6000K, you can customize the perfect lighting for any task – from applying makeup to shaving. The stepless dimming allows you to set the brightness anywhere from 10% to 100%, so you can go from a soft glow to full illumination with a simple touch. The lighting is designed to provide natural, lifelike reflections to start your mornings right.

This smart mirror remembers your last lighting setting, so every time you use it, you can pick up where you left off. No more fumbling to find the perfect lighting every time. The memory function adds convenience to your beauty routine.

The anti-fog feature keeps the mirror crystal clear, even after a hot shower. Just tap the switch to activate the auto anti-fog and say goodbye to foggy reflections. The waterproof IP54 rating ensures complete electrical safety even in the humid bathroom environment.

The 32×24 inch rectangular mirror size provides ample viewing area. Mount it horizontally or vertically to fit your space and decor. The slim aluminum frame adds a touch of modern style.

Beelux upgrades the shatter-proofing on this model by adding more shock-absorbent materials. It has passed extensive drop, impact, and heavy pressure tests to prevent breakage. The safety backing protects you and contains any accidental shattering.

Everything about this mirror is designed for an elevated bathroom experience:

Key Features:

  • Front-lit LED lighting from 3000K to 6000K with stepless 10-100% dimming capabilities
  • Memory function recalls your last brightness/color temperature setting
  • Anti-fog properties keep mirror clear after showering
  • Waterproof IP54 electrical rating for safe use in humid bathroom conditions
  • 32×24 inch rectangular mirror size provides ample viewing space
  • Slim aluminum frame adds modern style
  • Upgraded shatter-proofing materials passed extensive drop and impact testing
  • 2 year warranty provides peace of mind

With innovative LED lighting, smart features, anti-fog, and shatter-proofing, this Beelux bathroom mirror improves your daily routine. The adjustable color temperature lets you customize the ambiance and lighting to energize, relax, or anything in between. Activate the anti-fog with a simple tap before your shower so you can clearly see your flawless reflection after.

The memory function eliminates the hassle of redialing in your preferred brightness and temperature every time. Just enjoy your personally optimized lighting day after day. It will be like your mirror automatically knows your lighting mood.

The safety backing gives confidence that the mirror can withstand rowdy kids or typical impacts. Beelux put this model through rigorous shatter testing so you don’t have to worry.

Thoughtfully designed and expertly engineered, this LED bathroom mirror by Beelux takes ordinary mirrors to the next level. Illuminate your bathroom and illuminate your mornings.

Reasons to Love This Mirror:

It’s Smart

The memory function that recalls your last settings is brilliantly simple yet adds a next-level feature to a basic object like a mirror. This smart functionality anticipates your needs.

It’s Customizable

With adjustable LED color temperatures and dimming capabilities, you can tailor the lighting to any mood or activity. So much better than harsh fluorescent lighting.

It’s Clear

The anti-fog feature delivers crystal clear reflections and visibility after you shower. No more wiping or waiting for fog to dissipate.

It’s Safe

Upgraded shatter-proofing provides protection and peace of mind that accidents won’t result in injury or damage. Kids and clutter, beware!

It’s Stylish

At home in both modern and traditional bathrooms, the frame adds subtle style and neatly contains the LEDs.

It’s Convenient

The smart touch controls and memory functions add convenience you didn’t know you were missing!

A Mirror That Does it All

With its innovative LED lighting, high-tech features like anti-fog and memory functions, protective shatter-proofing, and sleek styling, this Beelux bathroom mirror delivers on every front. It will become your new favorite part of the bathroom. Just read what other happy shoppers are saying:

“This mirror makes me look forward to doing my makeup and hair in the morning. I love how I can adjust the lighting to be exactly what I need. The anti-fog feature is awesome too!”

“I never realized how harsh the lighting was from a normal bathroom mirror until I got this lighted Beelux mirror. The adjustable temperature and brightness make me look so much better! Almost like a ring light.”

“I used to have kids’ fingerprints all over my bathroom mirror that was so hard to clean. This Beelux mirror stays so clear and it’s held up to their abuse!”

“The memory function on this smart mirror is so convenient. I always do my makeup on the weekend with different lighting than weekday mornings when I’m in a rush. Now it’s already set for me!”

“I love the modern look of this LED mirror. It blends in with my bathroom but still adds style. The best of both worlds.”

Whether you want to indulge in long pampering sessions or are rushing to get ready in the morning, this Beelux mirror supports your needs. The smart features deliver next level function and convenience to every user. It’s everything you want in a bathroom mirror, and more.

Bring home the Beelux Smart Touch LED Bathroom Mirror today to elevate your space and experience. Your mornings will be happier and hassle-free. Mirror, mirror…you know the rest. This is the fairest mirror of all.


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