Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror



Add some old Hollywood glamour to your beauty routine with the Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror. With its classic oval shape and warm lighting, this mirror makes you feel like a star getting ready for your closeup.

Light Up Your Look

The Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror features 9 LED bulbs to perfectly illuminate your face for flawless makeup application. Three lighting modes – warm, natural, and cool – allow you to adjust the lighting to match the mood and complement your ensemble.

The touch screen controls make it easy to select your desired brightness and color temperature. No more straining to see in poor lighting! The Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror lights up your beauty routine.

Classic Oval Design

The oval shape of this lighted makeup mirror is stylish and chic. Its proportions beautifully frame your face, making you the star while applying makeup or checking your look. The oval design would not look out of place on a Hollywood starlet’s vanity table.

At 15 inches high and 10 inches wide, the mirror is an ideal size for tabletop use. The sturdy weighted base and oval angle adjustability ensure you can position the mirror just right for your needs. Set it on your bedroom vanity, bathroom counter, or wherever you prefer to put on your face.

Superior Reflection

The Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror provides exceptional reflection quality thanks to its distortion-free and scratch-resistant glass. The 5mm thick glass ensures a clear, true image, so you can achieve flawless results doing your makeup.

Many customers praise the mirror’s crystal clear reflectivity. You’ll see your skin tone accurately without any warping or distortion. Apply makeup with confidence and precision.

Hollywood Inspired Design

Retro Hollywood glamour inspired every design element of the Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror. The warm white finish, oval shape, and crystal clear reflection evoke luxury and sophistication. Just looking at this mirror makes you feel like an elegant movie star.

The white faux-leather padding on the base continues the classic, refined aesthetic. Touches like the nickel brush metal frame and accents add stylish flair. Even the Hollywood style light bulbs fit the overall vintage look.

This mirror flawlessly combines form and function. Both beautiful and highly effective at lighting up your beauty routine.

Ideal Gift for Her

Know a leading lady who would love her own Hollywood-style lighted makeup mirror? The Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror makes a wonderful gift for the women in your life.

Make your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or friend feel like the star she is with this thoughtful gift. She’ll think of you fondly each morning as she gets ready with the help of her glamorous new mirror.

Surprise her on a birthday, holiday, or just because. The Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror is sure to delight any woman who appreciates both beauty and old school Hollywood elegance.

Easy Assembly

Putting together the Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror only takes a few minutes. It ships with all necessary tools and hardware for quick assembly. Detailed instructions walk you through each easy step.

All it takes is securely attaching the mirror panel to the weighted base. The clever design allows you to put it together by yourself without any hassle. Before you know it, the mirror will be ready to light up your mornings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of the Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror with our one-year warranty. We guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase.

Should any issues arise within the first year of ownership, contact our friendly customer service team. We will promptly resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction – whether through replacement, repair, or refund.

Experience the glitz and glamour of vintage Hollywood every day with the Beinocci Glam Vanity Mirror. Let the flattering lighting and elegant oval design make you feel like the star of your own movie. This beautiful and functional mirror belongs on every leading lady’s vanity.


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