Bellacat Lifelike Faux Olive Tree with Natural Wood Trunk and Realistic Leaves and Fruit, 5 Feet Tall



Bring the beauty and Mediterranean flair of an olive grove into your home or office with the Bellacat Lifelike Faux Olive Tree. This realistic artificial olive tree stands 5 feet tall and features a natural wood trunk, hundreds of realistic handmade leaves, and faux olives for an authentic look. Make a bold statement and add a touch of sophistication to any indoor space with this artificial olive tree.

Lifelike Details Create a Realistic Olive Tree Look

This faux olive tree beautifully mimics the look and textures of a real olive tree. The natural wood trunk has knots, crevices, and splits that reflect the trunk of a mature olive tree. Hundreds of individual olive green oblong leaves made of premium quality materials are attached to pliable branches, allowing you to adjust the foliage and shape. Tiny cream-colored blossoms sporadically peek out, recreating the blooming cycles of a real tree.

The star of this artificial olive tree are the faux olives in shades of green, purple, and black that generously adorn the branches, looking as if they were freshly plucked off a tree in the Mediterranean. Together these lifelike details create the stunning look of a real olive grove tree.

Tall Presence Fits Any Space

At 5 feet tall with a wide, full shape, this faux olive tree makes a big statement wherever you place it. The sweeping branches have a 60 inch diameter that will command attention. Use it to fill an empty corner, create a focal point, or make a dramatic backdrop. The height pairs perfectly with 6 or 7 foot ceilings, allowing the tips of the branches to brush the ceiling for a powerful impact.

Perfect for Homes and Offices

This large, lifelike artificial olive tree looks gorgeous in a wide range of spaces, including:

  • Living room – Position behind the sofa or in a corner as a focal point
  • Dining room – Place in a back corner to bring Mediterranean flair
  • Bedroom – Situate diagonally in a corner to create an urban oasis
  • Entryway – Make a bold statement greeting guests
  • Office – Include in a waiting area to bring the outdoors inside
  • Reception area – Use in place of a small potted tree for big style
  • Commercial space – Add Mediterranean character to a hotel, restaurant, or shop

The faux olive tree looks great on its own or paired with decor like urns, woven baskets, and walls painted in Mediterranean blues and yellows.

Realistic Details Without the Hassle

You get the beauty of an olive tree without any of the hassle of caring for a live plant with this artificial tree. There’s no watering, pruning, or clean up required. Olive trees normally need plenty of sunshine, but this faux version looks lush and vibrant in any lighting conditions, even low light areas. No planting or waiting years for it to mature – this lifelike tree arrives at its peak 5 foot height ready for display.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Putting this faux olive tree together is quick and easy with its simple snap and click design. All pieces are numbered for easy matching during assembly. Branches can be easily adjusted to your desired shape and fullness, allowing you to style it to suit your space. Maintenance is also worry-free. To keep the leaves and branches looking their best, simply wipe with a dry cloth periodically to remove any accumulated dust.

Complements All Decor Styles

The Mediterranean vibe of the olive tree pairs beautifully with popular decor styles:

  • Farmhouse – Adds texture and naturalness
  • Bohemian – Brings an earthy, relaxed feel
  • Scandinavian – Provides organic contrast to clean lines
  • Beach – Evokes the Mediterranean seaside
  • Modern – Softens sleek minimalist spaces

This versatile faux olive tree enhances any style with its handsome presence and sense of organic realism.

Safe Around People and Pets

No need to worry about allergies or shedding with this artificial olive tree. It’s made from high quality, hypoallergenic materials for a completely safe addition to homes with children or pets. And there’s never any mess, odors, insects, or soil.

Pick Your Perfect Faux Olive Tree

Bellacat offers faux olive trees in a range of sizes to suit any space:

  • 3 feet – Ideal for desks, shelves, and cozy corners
  • 4 feet – Great next to sofas and beds
  • 5 feet – Makes a bold statement in large rooms
  • 6 feet – Dramatic focal point for commercial spaces

Choose from classic green, silvery blue-green, or multi-tone variegated foliage. With the unmatched realism of Bellacat’s faux olive trees, you can bring the beauty of Mediterranean groves indoors anywhere.

Brighten up your living spaces and bring your decor to life with the Bellacat Lifelike Faux Olive Tree. Its realistic details and graceful sweeping branches create Mediterranean flair anywhere you place it.


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