Bellagio-Italia CD/DVD Storage Pages – 8 Pack Acid-Free Archival Quality



Organize and protect your media collection with the Bellagio-Italia CD/DVD Storage Pages. These acid-free, archival quality pages are specially designed to keep your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games neatly organized and easy to find.

The crystal clear plastic allows you to easily view content labels and access discs quickly. Each page holds 1 disc, with 8 pages total in each pack, so you can organize and store up to 96 discs with 12 packs. Pages measure 7.25 x 7.25 inches to fit standard CD/DVD binders and slipcases.

Archive and Protect Your Collection

While music and movies bring us joy, discs are delicate and prone to scratching without proper storage. Skip the frustration of searching through unorganized spindles or flimsy paper sleeves. These DVD organizer pages allow quick access while keeping discs protected.

The durable polypropylene plastic prevents scratches and damage during storage and transport. Pages resist warping and lay flat for frustration-free access. The acid-free construction protects from corrosion over time. Your media will stay in pristine condition for years to come.

Designed For Media Collectors

As a collector, you invest time and money into building your library. Treat your discs with the care they deserve. This CD storage system helps you:

  • Find titles quickly – Pages label easily so you can organize by genre, release date or alphabetically
  • Prevent damage – Discs stay enclosed and can’t become lost or scratched
  • Save space – A filled binder takes up less room than spindles of loose discs
  • Transport securely – Binder pages keep discs from shifting during transport, preventing skips or damage

Whether you’re protecting an irreplaceable music collection or storing your ever-expanding Blu-ray library, these archival DVD storage pages are a smart storage solution.

Designed For Every Collector

Music lovers, cinephiles, gamers, and students alike need a storage solution they can count on. These CD and DVD organizer pages work for all types of media collections:

  • Music – CDs, vinyl rips, burned mixes
  • Movies & TV – Blu-ray, DVDs, box sets
  • Games – PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Software & Photos – Disk images, photo archives burned to disk
  • Education & Learning – Language learning CDs/DVDs, audio lectures burned to disk

Whatever you’re storing, keep it safe but easy to access with these crystal clear CD and DVD storage pages. Designed for any collection.

Rave Reviews

Collectors love these acid-free DVD organizer pages:

“These pages are perfect for my DVD collection. They are crystal clear so I can easily read the disc label. I also like that they are acid free and archival safe.” – Jeremy L.

“I have a huge Blu-ray collection and needed a better storage system. These pages make it so easy to organize alphabetically and find what I’m looking for.” – Amanda K.

“These DVD inserts help me keep my game collection organized. I can fit way more games in my binder than I could in those flimsy paper sleeves.” – Brian T.

Order With Confidence

Bellagio-Italia provides the highest quality media storage supplies on Amazon. We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, return unused pages for a full refund.

Give your CD, DVD, and video game collection the protected storage it deserves. Click Add to Cart now to neatly organize your discs in acid-free, archival quality pages!


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