BEMIS Affinity Elongated Toilet Seat with Lift-Off Hinges and STA-TITE Fastening System



The BEMIS Affinity elongated toilet seat brings innovation, quality and value together in one complete toilet seat replacement kit. This toilet seat features the patented STA-TITE fastening system which permanently locks the seat to the toilet bowl for unrivaled stability and no wiggle. The lift-off hinges allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning. With its modern style and integrated design features, this toilet seat will be a stylish and functional upgrade to your bathroom.

No Slamming Lid

Say goodbye to loud toilet seat slams with the integrated soft-close hinges. Just tap the seat down and the hinges take over, slowly and quietly closing the lid. No more pinched fingers or middle-of-the-night wakeups thanks to slamming lids.

Sta-Tite Seat Fastening System

The ingenious Sta-Tite fastening system permanently locks the seat in place for unrivaled stability. Four flexible rubber bumpers grip to the porcelain, preventing any shifting or wiggling of the seat. Never deal with an annoying loose toilet seat again.

Precision Fit

With front-to-back adjustability, you can customize the fit of your seat for optimal stability and a streamlined look. The seat opening perfectly contours to the curved shape of the toilet bowl for a precision fit.

Super Grip Bumpers

The super grip bumpers flex to keep the seat firmly in place. Their rubber construction prevents any sliding or shifting on the porcelain bowl. You’ll never have to worry about the seat unexpectedly moving when sitting down.

Quick-Release for Easy Cleaning

The quick-release functionality allows you to instantly lift the seat off the toilet for thorough cleaning. No tools or hassle required. Just pop the seat off, clean, and pop it right back on.

Durable Molded Plastic Construction

Constructed from a durable molded plastic, this seat resists chips, scratches, and stains. The high-gloss finish adds a refined, modern look. The molded-in color is fade resistant and easy to keep clean.

Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured in the USA with high-quality materials and worker craftsmanship. Contains earth-friendly components and follows eco-responsible production methods.

Fits Most Elongated Toilets

Designed to fit most elongated toilet bowls, including leading brands like Kohler, American Standard, Toto, and more. Please measure your toilet bowl before ordering to ensure proper fit.

Warranty and Customer Service

This toilet seat is backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service is available 7 days a week to assist with any questions or issues, just call 888-722-6488.

Affordable and Long-Lasting Upgrade

This toilet seat replacement kit delivers exceptional function and quality at an affordable price. The innovative features and durable construction ensure it will provide a worry-free, long-lasting toilet seat solution.

Key Features:

  • Slow-close lid with whisper-quiet operation
  • Sta-Tite fastening system permanently locks seat in place
  • No shifting, rocking, or loosening of seat
  • Precision molded plastic construction
  • Quick-release functionality for easy removal
  • Front-to-back adjustability for custom fit
  • Super grip bumpers flex to hold seat firmly
  • Resists chips, scratches, stains, and fading
  • Made in the USA with eco-friendly materials
  • Fits most elongated toilet bowls
  • Limited manufacturer’s warranty

We’re Here to Help

Upgrade your bathroom and never deal with an annoying loose toilet seat again. The BEMIS Affinity elongated toilet seat delivers innovation and quality at a reasonable price. Click Add to Cart now to experience the next evolution in toilet seats!


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