Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer – Easily Slice Fruits, Veggies & More



Slice and dice with ease using the Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer. This high-quality slicer makes quick work of prepping ingredients for salads, soups, stir fries, and more. With its Japanese stainless steel blade and beige BPA-free plastic construction, it’s built to last while providing safe, efficient slicing every time.

Effortless Slicing for All Kinds of Produce

The Benriner mandoline features a generously sized straight edge blade that can slice larger fruits and vegetables with no problem. Slice cabbage for coleslaw, cut cubes of melon for fruit salad, or make carrot sticks for snacking. The jumbo size accomodates most produce you need to prep. Attributes like the non-skid rubber base and open handle design also make this mandoline safer and easier to use.

Uniform Cuts for Even Cooking

Get the most out of your ingredients by cutting them to a consistent size. The Benriner mandoline slicer lets you quickly make uniformly sliced produce that will cook evenly. Onion slices will caramelize at the same rate, potato cubes will roast uniformly, and you’ll get perfectly stacked veggie slices for stacking on a platter. Consistent sizing leads to better results all around.

Adjustable Thicknesses For Any Purpose

Slice to exactly the thickness you need for the recipe or purpose. This mandoline lets you adjust slices from paper thin up to 10mm thick. Get translucent slices of radish for garnish, medium slices of zucchini for sautéing, or thick potato planks for oven fries. Dial in just the right thickness for whatever you’re prepping.

Safer Slicing with Hand Guard

The metal hand guard keeps fingers safe from the super sharp blade when guiding smaller items across the mandoline. Simply hook it onto the side when prepping larger produce. It also doubles as a basket, hooking onto the edge of bowls to collect your slices as you go.

Easy to Clean & Store

Clean up is a breeze because the Benriner mandoline comes apart for easy washing. All the pieces including the food holder, blade, and hand guard can go right in the dishwasher. When not in use, it stands upright for compact storage. At just 6.5 inches wide, it won’t take up much room in a kitchen drawer or cabinet.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

This mandoline is constructed from premium materials to provide lasting performance. The blade is made from Japanese stainless steel renowned for its strength and durability. It will maintain its ultra sharp edge through many uses. The BPA-free plastic components are also made to handle frequent use without cracking or warping.

Benriner Brand You Can Trust

With Benriner’s decades of experience crafting quality kitchen tools in Japan, you can trust their mandolines to be well-designed and well-constructed. Their innovative designs and precision manufacturing result in products that both professionals and home cooks rely on. This jumbo slicer is an excellent example, featuring their trademark quality in a larger size perfect for big batch food prep.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve been using Benriner mandoline slicers for years and love that they’ve made a jumbo version. It slices firm vegetables like potatoes and carrots faster than smaller models. Sturdy too – I’ve put it to work slicing lots of cabbage, beets, and other hardy veg with no problem. The hand guard is a useful safety feature when slicing small items. Highly recommended for the serious home cook.”

“This mandoline makes short work of slicing tasks, I use it multiple times a week to prep ingredients faster. Love the thickness adjustments, I can go from transparently thin to thick slices. Cuts are very uniform. It’s also easy to clean and screams quality with the stainless steel blade. If you cook at home a lot, a mandoline like this is a must have time saver.”

“I run a small catering company and this is my go-to mandoline for preparing any vegetable garnishes or gratins. The large capacity lets me quickly prep ingredients for events. I appreciate the adjustable thickness dial for getting perfect slices every time. After a lot of use it’s still working smoothly with no issues. This is a workhorse mandoline that makes my job much easier!”

Why Choose the Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer?

  • Generous sizing slices large fruits and vegetables with ease
  • Durable Japanese stainless steel blade for lasting sharpness
  • Create uniform slices that cook evenly
  • Adjust thickness from paper thin to 10mm as needed
  • Hand guard provides safe slicing of small items
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts
  • Stand upright for convenient storage in your kitchen
  • High quality construction from respected brand Benriner

Slice and dice with precision using the Benriner Jumbo Mandoline Slicer. Quickly create piles of uniform vegetable slices, cabbage coleslaw, cubed fruits, and more. With its durable Japanese blade and generous sizing, this mandoline makes food prep fast and efficient.


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