Benriner Super Standard 4-Blade Madoline Vegetable Slicer



Slice and dice with precision using the Benriner Super Standard 4-Blade Madoline Vegetable Slicer. This lightweight yet sturdy mandoline makes quick work of prepping fruits, vegetables, cheeses and more for stunning salads, veggie sides, garnishes and hors d’oeuvres.

The Super Standard madoline features 4 high-quality Japanese stainless steel blades for versatility. The fine blade effortlessly slices paper-thin cuts of cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes and more. Medium and coarse blades let you customize thicker slices. And the julienne blade creates shoestring fries and curls for next-level presentation.

In addition to the 4 interchangeable blades, this mandoline slicer boasts a super sharp and durable horizontal blade to cover all your slicing needs. Food simply glides over the flat surface for uniform cuts. Adjust thickness easily with the dial on the side. Cuts range from paper-thin 0.5mm up to a thick-cut 5mm.

The ABS plastic body is lightweight yet durable, with a sturdy hand guard to protect fingers. The feet on the base keep it steady while in use. And the food holder securely grips ingredients for safety and control. Both parts are detachable for easy cleaning.

With the Benriner Super Standard 4-Blade Madoline, you’ll speed up food prep while taking your culinary creations to the next level. Beautiful fruit and veggie slices make salads more appealing. Paper-thin potato and beet slices cook up crispy and delicious. Use the julienne blade for carrot ribbons, zucchini noodles, apple matchsticks and more.

Enjoy These Benefits

  • 4 high-quality Japanese stainless steel interchangeable blades: Fine (0.5mm), Medium (2mm), Coarse (5mm) and Julienne
  • Horizontal blade for straight slices from paper-thin to 5mm thick
  • Sturdy food holder securely grips ingredients for control and safety
  • Durable ABS plastic body with hand guard for protection
  • Non-slip base keeps slicer steady while in use
  • Easy turn dial adjusts slice thickness
  • Removable parts for quick cleaning
  • Lightweight and compact for storage
  • Trusted Benriner quality from Japan

Slice & Dice With Precision

Skip the knives and embrace the simplicity of this mandoline slicer. The quality blades glide through fruits and veggies with ease for faster, safer slicing directly into your bowl or pan.

Make a stunning salad by slicing carrots, cucumbers, radishes and more into paper-thin ribbons. Stack them elegantly or toss them all together.

The julienne blade transforms zucchini into spaghetti-like noodles. Create low-carb “pasta” dishes or toss them into soups. Shave Brussels sprouts for a raw salad. Even slide the julienne blade lengthwise over potatoes for curly fries.

The coarse and medium blades let you cut all kinds of veggies into customized thicknesses. Try them for slicing potatoes before roasting. Or cut uniform cubes for soups, stews and sautés.

Safety and Cleaning

Protect your hands from nicks and cuts while slicing with the sturdy food holder and hand guard. The ABS plastic body is BPA free and won’t crack or dull the blades like glass or ceramic mandolines can.

All parts either come apart or pop off for cleaning. simply wash the blades, food holder and body by hand or place them in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Trusted Brand From Japan

Benriner has been manufacturing quality kitchen tools in Japan since 1964. They introduced the original mandoline slicer design that many others have copied but never quite duplicated.

Today Benriner remains a leader and innovator in kitchen tools. Their slicers feature superior quality blades that retain their ultra-sharp edges and stand up to years of regular use.

With the Benriner Super Standard 4-Blade Mandoline, you have a versatile, user-friendly tool that makes every slicing task fast and easy while delivering beautiful, uniform cuts. Transform the way you prep fruits and veggies for stunning soups, salads, sides and more!


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