BestAir Making Waves Waterbed Conditioner – Keep Your Waterbed in Tip Top Shape!



Tired of a lackluster waterbed that’s lost its magic? Bring back the buoyant comfort you remember with BestAir Making Waves Waterbed Conditioner. This specially formulated mix of cleaners and conditioners will get your waterbed feeling like new again.

Cleans and Conditions for a Crystal Clear Mattress

Over time, the water inside your mattress can get cloudy and dirty, which detracts from the relaxing experience. Our conditioner goes to work cleaning contaminants and chloramines, leaving you with water that’s clear and fresh. It also conditions the vinyl to prevent fading and cracking.

Adds Plasticizer to Restore Suppleness

Vinyl can dry out and become less flexible over the years. Our conditioner contains plasticizer to rejuvenate the vinyl and make it supple again. This helps your mattress regain its contouring ability for cushioned comfort.

Fights Mildew and Bacteria

Stagnant water can allow mildew and bacteria to grow inside your mattress. Our conditioner sanitizes the interior to inhibit growth and stop musty odors. Its anti-microbial agents help keep the water clean and fresh.

Prevents Bubbles and Ripples

Bubbles and ripples can form on the water’s surface as air permeates through the vinyl. Our conditioner contains defoamers that prevent this, allowing the water to remain calm and undisturbed. This creates a smooth, even sleeping surface.

Easy to Use

Using our waterbed conditioner is simple:

  • Drain all water from the mattress using your drain and fill kit.
  • Scrub interior with a soft brush and mild soap if needed to remove residue.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Refill mattress about 1/3 full with water.
  • Add the entire 16 oz bottle of conditioner and mix thoroughly.
  • Top off mattress with water and enjoy your refreshed bed!

Revitalize Your Waterbed

Don’t put up with a tired, worn out waterbed when our Making Waves Conditioner can give it new life! Designed specifically for waterbeds, it tackles all the issues that crop up over time – cleans, conditions, inhibits mildew, and smooths out bubbles. Bring back the weightless comfort and gentle support of your waterbed’s glory days.

This concentrated 16 oz bottle treats a standard queen or king-sized mattress. For supersized mattresses, consider purchasing an additional bottle.

Customer Reviews

“My old waterbed felt lumpy and the water was getting cloudy. After using this conditioner, it feels so much better! It’s smooth and the water is crystal clear now.” – M. Johnson

“This stuff really refreshed my waterbed. My wife loves how it feels now, she says it’s like getting a new mattress!” – D. Thomas

“I was going to buy a new waterbed but decided to try this conditioner first. I’m glad I did because it made my current bed feel like new! Saved me a lot of money.” – S. Lee


  • Size: 16 fluid ounces
  • Treatment Volume: Queen/King waterbed mattress
  • Active Ingredients: Surfactants, vinyl conditioners, plasticizer, anti-microbials
  • Usage: Drain, rinse, refill 1/3 with water, add contents, top off

Revitalize your waterbed and enjoy soothing comfort night after night with BestAir Making Waves Waterbed Conditioner. Order a bottle today and see the difference it makes!


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