BestDuplicator CD/DVD Paper Sleeves with Clear Windows – 100 Pack



Keep Your Discs Organized and Protected with These High Quality Paper Sleeves!

Tired of rummaging through a pile of scratched, damaged discs? Or wasting time trying to identify what’s in each jewel case? Then these paper sleeves with clear windows are the solution you’ve been looking for!

These envelopes provide safe, compact storage for your CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and more. The clear polypropylene windows make it easy to identify contents at a glance. Just slip in a disc and seal the flap to secure it inside.

Key Features:

  • Set of 100 paper envelopes with flap closure and clear plastic windows
  • Holds standard size CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays & more
  • Window size: 4 inches diameter
  • Envelope size: 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight only 3 oz for the entire pack
  • Tear and moisture resistant paper construction
  • Flap for securely sealing in disc

Compact Storage That’s Kind to Your Discs

These envelopes take up a fraction of the space bulky jewel cases do. You can store 3-4 paper sleeves in the space of a single jewel case. Maximize shelf space or tidy up cabinets and drawers by easily converting your collection to these ultra slim sleeves.

Not only is the storage efficient, but the soft paper is gentle on your discs. There’s no hard plastic to scratch or scuff their surfaces. The envelopes also guard against environmental debris like dust and dirt. Keep discs in pristine condition for reliable playback and peace of mind.

Browsing & Identifying Made Easy

The transparent window on the front puts the disc label in full view. No more fumbling with cover inserts or popping open jewel cases to see what’s inside. Just glance at the sleeve window to instantly identify exact titles.

With all discs visible, browsing your collection is quick and easy. See everything at a glance without having to disturb a single sleeve. Great for media servers, DJs, archives and anywhere organization is key.

High Quality & Durable Construction

These envelopes are crafted using heavy-duty white paper stock with a tear and moisture resistant coating. The flap folds securely over the back and tucks in tightly. Discs stay protected even if the sleeve is dropped.

While the paper is thick and sturdy, the sleeves remain extremely lightweight. The entire 100 pack weighs just 3 ounces! They’re easy to move around and won’t weigh down shelves.

The clear windows are made from polypropylene plastic strong enough to guard against scratches and impacts. They won’t degrade or warp over time like lower quality vinyl windows.

Versatile Use Cases

This sleeve set is great for:

  • CD, DVD & Blu-ray media collections
  • Software, driver discs & disk backups
  • Home media servers
  • DJs/music libraries
  • Photo, video and data archives
  • Small business inventory

Anywhere you need to organize, store and access flat media, these envelopes are up for the job. Far more convenient than bulky jewel cases or flimsy paper sleeves without windows.

Gain Back Shelf Space and Sanity!

Cluttered shelves crammed with fragile jewel cases are a thing of the past. These paper sleeves make it simple to downsize your physical media collection while keeping it neatly organized.

Ditch the bulky plastic and make room for more discs! Plus you’ll always know exactly what’s in each sleeve thanks to the clear ID windows.

Cradle your discs gently in soft paper rather than risking scratches and cracks. And enjoy lightning fast browsing instead of sorting through mountains of cases.

Your media will thank you!

Buy Now for a More Organized and Protected Disc Collection

Get these high quality paper sleeves and say goodbye to cracked cases and clutter. Not to mention wasted hours trying to find the disc you need. Make your collection look as good as it functions.

100 sleeves for one low price means you can start organizing right away. Take back control and breathe new life into your media library.

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