BestDuplicator Premium CD Sleeves with Window and Rear Flap (100 Pack) – High Quality Paper Protectors for Standard CDs



Keep your CDs protected and organized with these premium quality paper sleeves from BestDuplicator. Each sleeve features a crystal clear plastic window on the front so you can easily identify the contents, as well as a folded flap on the back to prevent the CD from sliding out. The sleeves are made from durable white paper stock for long-lasting use.

High Quality Construction

These CD sleeves are crafted from 120 gsm paper for optimum thickness and durability. The heavier paper stock prevents ripping and tearing so your CDs stay protected. The plastic window is made from high clarity polypropylene to ensure the label and contents of the CD are clearly visible. The rear folded flap is securely glued in place to keep the CD from slipping out.

Snug Fit for Secure Protection

Specially designed for standard 120 mm CDs, these sleeves provide a snug fit to prevent scratching. The inner dimensions are 4.9 x 5.4 inches so your CDs fit nicely without excess room to slide around. This prevents scratches and scuffs during storage and transport.

Convenient Organisation

The clear plastic windows make it easy to organise your CD collection by quickly flipping through and identifying covers. You can stack and file them like books on a shelf. The rear flaps also have a writable surface so you can jot down tracklists or other information. The lightweight paper construction allows for easy portability.

Versatile for Multiple Uses

These CD sleeves are great for:

  • CD music collections
  • Software, game & driver discs
  • Burned CD-R backups
  • Mix CDs and burned MP3 discs
  • DVDs, Blu-Rays, and other discs

The sleeves are not limited to just CDs. You can use them for DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, printed promotional discs, and more. Any standard sized 120 mm disc will fit nicely.

Premium Quality from BestDuplicator

BestDuplicator is a leading brand in disc publishing, duplication, and printing. We leverage our expertise in optical media to create high quality supplies and accessories. Our CD sleeves are proudly constructed to deliver long-lasting and reliable protection for your disc collection.

Each pack includes 100 white paper sleeves to keep you well-stocked. The heavier paper and sturdy construction ensure these sleeves will last through years of use. Protect your discs from dust, scratches, fingerprints, liquids, and other damage with these high quality white sleeves.

Customer Reviews

“These CD sleeves are just what I needed to organize my old CD collection. The plastic windows make it so easy to find the album I’m looking for. The sleeves seem very durable and well made. I’m glad I bought them.” – Ryan T.

“I bought these CD sleeves for storing all my burned music mixes and backups. They are good heavy quality paper and I like that they have the flap in back to keep discs from sliding out if stored vertically. The adhesive is strong too. Overall great product for the price.” – Amanda D.

“I used these paper CD sleeves to organize my dad’s huge CD collection that he’s had for years. They worked great and the windows help identify the albums easily. Much better than the cheapo plastic sleeves he had that all cracked. These paper sleeves seem like they’ll hold up much longer. I ordered more so I can finish organizing his entire collection.” – Jacob M.

Order Premium Protection Today

Give your CD collection the protection it deserves with these high quality paper sleeves from BestDuplicator. The 120 gsm paper and crystal clear windows ensure your discs stay scratch-free and organized. Order a pack now to conveniently store all your CDs, burned discs, DVDs and more!


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