Bialetti 6 Quart Multi-Purpose Oval Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid – Cook Pasta, Vegetables, Soups and More



Experience the joy of effortless pasta nights with the Bialetti 6 Quart Multi-Pot. This versatile pot makes cooking and straining pasta easier than ever thanks to its patented oval shape and twist-locking strainer lid. Whether you’re cooking pasta, boiling vegetables or making stock, this pot has you covered.

Oval Shape Accommodates All Types of Pasta

The unique elongated oval design provides plenty of room for cooking any type of pasta, from long cuts like spaghetti and lasagna sheets to shorter shapes like penne and farfalle. The extra space allows pasta to move freely while cooking, preventing sticking and ensuring even cooking.

Multipurpose Beyond Just Pasta

While it excels at pasta, this pot goes far beyond a single task. The 6 quart capacity makes it perfect for preparing hearty soups and stews to feed the whole family. Boil potatoes, corn on the cob or cook lobster and other shellfish with ease. Blanch vegetables before freezing them to lock in nutrients. Even use it to boil water for making coffee or tea.

Built-In Straining Lid For No-Fuss Draining

The lid takes the hassle out of straining hot water from cooked pasta or vegetables. Just give it a twist to lock it in place, then pour out water through the strainer holes while keeping ingredients inside. No more precariously balancing a bulky colander in the sink trying not to spill boiling water all over yourself and your kitchen.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction

Constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel, this pot conducts heat evenly and allows for precise temperature control. The encapsulated aluminum base ensures rapid heating so water comes to a boil quickly. Durable stainless steel handles stay cool while cooking. And the pot cleans up beautifully for years of reliable service.

Key Features:

  • Elongated oval shape perfect for cooking all types and lengths of pasta
  • 6 quart capacity makes enough for the whole family
  • Multipurpose for vegetables, soups, stews and more
  • Locking strainer lid simplifies draining cooked food
  • Stainless steel body for even heating and easy cleaning
  • Encapsulated aluminum base for fast boiling
  • Stay-cool handles provide a secure grip

Cook Pasta Perfectly Every Time

Tired of constantly monitoring and stirring pasta to prevent sticking? Let this pot do the work for you. The oval shape allows pasta strands to tumble freely while its ample size gives them plenty of room to move. Pasta cooks evenly from edge to edge without clumping or scorching on the bottom.

Fill the pot with water, cover and bring to a rolling boil. Add a generous pinch of salt to flavor the water. Pour in pasta and give it a stir to prevent sticking at first. Cook uncovered, testing for doneness starting at the low end of the time range on the package. Drain immediately after it reaches desired tenderness. For classic Italian style, reserve a cup of starchy pasta water to toss with your sauce. The starch gives the sauce a silky texture and helps it cling to the noodles.

Steam or Boil Vegetables to Perfection

Vegetables cooked just right in the steaming basket emerge vibrantly colored, crisp-tender and full of nutrients. The basket suspends foods above boiling water so they steam instead of soaking. Braises, soups and stews develop rich depth of flavor when simmered uncovered in this roomy pot.

Try cooking new-to-you vegetables like artichokes or parsnips. Discover easy weeknight meals by simmering pre-cut veggies like broccoli florets or baby carrots in broth with seasonings. Roast meat and poultry get a flavor boost when boiled in stock to make broth. Freeze it in batches for later use in risottos, gravies and sauces.

Cook Shellfish For Simple Entrées

Impress guests with spectacular shellfish boils for special occasions and holidays. Fill the pot with salted water, lemons, garlic, herbs and spices like Old Bay seasoning. Add live lobsters, shrimp in the shell or chunks of boneless fish fillets. Cover and boil until the shells turn bright red. Drain and serve with drawn butter, cocktail sauce and plenty of napkins.

On busy weeknights, boil shrimp just until pink. Toss with pasta, rice or salad greens for an easy protein-packed meal. Hard shell clams and mussels cook in under 10 minutes. Discard any that don’t open after cooking. Enjoy shellfish lightly steamed, dipped in melted garlic butter or heaped over pasta.

Take Your Pick of Proteins and Veggies For Hearty Soups and Stews

With 6 quarts of capacity, this pot lets you build rich bone broths and vegetarian broths from scratch. Brown chopped beef, pork or chicken right in the pot before adding your broth and vegetables. Or take a shortcut with rotisserie chicken, pre-cooked sausage and canned or boxed broths.

Try classic chicken noodle soup with egg noodles or pasta stars. Build minestrone loaded with beans, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach and macaroni. For chili, brown ground beef with onions and garlic first. Add tomatoes, peppers, spices and beans. Simmer uncovered until thickened. Garnish with shredded cheddar, diced onion and sour cream.

Ladle hearty stews over mashed potatoes, polenta, rice or crusty bread. Braise tough but flavorful meat cuts like chuck roast, pork shoulder and short ribs until fork tender. Potato leek soup turns velvety when pureed. The possibilities are endless in this generous 6 quart multi-pot.

Tips For Using Your Oval Multi-Pot

  • Read recipes fully before starting to cook and prep all ingredients.
  • Use a timer to avoid under or overcooking foods.
  • Bring liquids to a boil before adding ingredients.
  • Stir pasta at the beginning to prevent sticking.
  • Test pasta, vegetables and grains often as they near doneness.
  • Drain items immediately when cooked using the strainer lid.
  • Add salt to taste after cooking for most dishes.
  • Let pressure release fully before removing lid on pressure cookers.

Whether whipping up a batch of pasta on a busy weeknight or preparing Cornish game hens and roasted veggies for Sunday dinner, this oval multi-pot has you covered. The versatile oval design and built-in strainer removes hassle from everyday cooking. Make mealtimes fun, frugal and full of flavor when cooking with the Bialetti 6 Quart Multi-Purpose Oval Pasta Pot.


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