Bialetti Moka Express 9-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker – Make Authentic Italian Espresso at Home



The Bialetti Moka Express is more than just a coffee maker – it’s an iconic piece of Italian design that has been brewing delicious espresso for over 90 years. This classic stovetop model provides the authentic experience of making espresso the Italian way, right in your own kitchen.

Traditional Design That Stood the Test of Time

With its distinctive octagonal shape and adorable little coffee man logo, the Moka Express looks just as good today as it did when it was first invented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. The polished aluminum construction gives it a sleek, retro-modern look. This silver 9-cup version will make a stylish accent on any stove.

Brews Real Italian Espresso

The Moka Express makes espresso through pressure brewing, forcing hot water through finely ground coffee for an intense, full-bodied flavor. It’s the same method used by stovetop espresso makers across Italy. The resulting coffee is smooth and aromatic with a rich, caramel crema on top just like you’d get from your favorite cafe in Rome or Milan.

Easy to Use and Clean

Brewing with the Moka pot is simple. Just fill the bottom chamber with water, put ground coffee in the filter basket, then screw on the top portion and place on a stove burner. The pot uses steam pressure to push the water up through the grounds, so be sure not to open it until brewing is complete. The patented safety valve makes cleaning a breeze.

Sized for Every Need

The Moka Express comes in 1, 3, 6, and 9 cup sizes so you can brew the right amount of coffee for anything from a shot of espresso to an afternoon pick-me-up for the whole family. The 9-cup version can make up to 14oz of concentrated coffee.

Safety Tips

– Do not open the pot until brewing is complete
– Remove from heat source once coffee starts to come out to avoid burnt taste
– Handle with care to avoid burns

How to Brew with the Moka

1. Fill bottom chamber with cold water just below the pressure release valve.
2. Put ground espresso in the filter basket without pressing down.
3. Screw on the top portion and place on stove on medium heat.
4. Listen for the gurgling sound. Once it starts, allow coffee to flow for a few seconds then remove from heat.
5. Pour coffee into cups and enjoy your authentic Italian espresso!

Tips for Best Results

  • Use finely ground coffee (slightly finer than for drip coffee).
  • Keep flame low to medium to avoid burnt taste.
  • Wipe exterior with damp cloth after use – do not immerse in water.
  • Descale regularly with vinegar to prevent mineral buildup.

The Original and Still the Best

The Bialetti Moka Express is the original stovetop espresso maker that inspired most other moka pot designs. Its iconic style and traditional brewing process make it a must-have for espresso lovers who want an authentic Italian experience. With proper care and cleaning, your Moka pot will provide many years of delicious coffee.

Bring a taste of Italy into your morning routine with the Bialetti Moka Express 9-cup stovetop espresso maker!


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