Bialetti Moka Induction 6 Cup Espresso Maker – Sleek and Modern Moka Pot Perfect for All Stovetops



The search for the perfect cup of espresso ends with the Bialetti Moka Induction espresso maker. This revolutionary design pairs the iconic Bialetti aluminum top chamber with a stainless steel bottom chamber that’s compatible with all modern stovetops, including induction. Brew rich, authentic espresso without compromise using this innovative moka pot.

Sleek Design Marries Form and Function

One look at the Bialetti Moka Induction’s modern silhouette hints at its game-changing technology. The elegant curve of polished aluminum culminates in a stainless steel base made for today’s kitchens. Though features like the signature mustachioed Bialetti character remain, the Moka Induction moves the classic moka pot into the 21st century.

Engineered for All Stovetops

The Moka Induction owes its versatility to its dual-chamber construction. The top chamber is crafted from aluminum like the original Bialetti 1933 design. This ensures efficient heat diffusion for optimal extraction. The bottom is stainless steel, making the Moka Induction compatible with any heat source. Gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction – this moka pot handles them all beautifully.

Brew Authentic Espresso, Moka-Style

While contemporary in engineering, the Moka Induction remains traditional when it comes to brewing. Fill the base chamber with water and the funnel with finely ground coffee. As the water boils, pressure forces it through the grounds to extract a rich, full-bodied espresso in the top chamber. The result is the same pure, moka pot flavor you love, now available to all coffee lovers regardless of their cooktop.

Made in Europe by the Moka Experts

Bialetti, the inventor of the moka pot, pours generations of coffee-making passion into each Moka Induction. Crafted in Europe, every detail adheres to Bialetti’s exacting standards. The choice of materials, stove compatibility, and brewing functionality reflect the company’s decades of moka pot expertise. Bialetti quality and innovation combine in a modern espresso maker you’ll reach for daily.

Simple Yet Effective Design

Intuitive and easy to use, the Moka Induction makes enjoying espresso a pleasure. Fill the base with water, add ground coffee to the funnel, and assemble the unit. Place on any stove, new or old, and wait for the coffee to finish extracting. The simple two-chamber construction eliminates complicated parts that can break down over time. Enjoy rich espresso from a thoughtfully minimalist contraption.

Make Espresso for a Crowd

Entertain guests with delicious homemade espresso from this 6-cup moka pot. Brewing directly into the top chamber allows the Moka Induction to produce enough coffee for a gathering. The built-in funnel has plenty of room for enough grounds to fill the included cups. Espresso is measured in small servings, so 6 demitasses fit the bill for serving friends or providing yourself with a few cups throughout the day.

Sized for Espresso Perfection

The Moka Induction brews espresso perfectly according to the proper cup size. Enjoy espresso the way it was meant to be served – in demitasse cups holding roughly 2 ounces. Don’t compromise on flavor or experience by brewing into a large travel mug. Savor sublime coffee from the matching included espresso cups.

Safe, User-Friendly Design

Even coffee novices can achieve espresso success with the Moka Induction. A cool-touch handle makes the pot easy to maneuver. The self-contained brewing system mitigates messes. A safety valve releases excess pressure, so you can brew worry-free. Simply add water and grounds, and the Induction handles the rest for foolproof morning coffee.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Keep your Moka Induction operating like new with basic cleaning. Separate the chambers and rinse after each use. Avoid abrasive scrubbers and harsh detergents, and never place in the dishwasher. Let the pieces air dry completely to prevent oxidation. Follow these simple steps after daily use for longevity.

Environmentally Responsible Materials

Bialetti utilized recycled aluminum and stainless steel to craft the eco-friendly Moka Induction. The company minimized packaging to reduce waste but still safely secures the moka pot’s delicate chambers. Both the materials and packaging reflect Bialetti’s commitment to sustainability. Brew world-class coffee while caring for the planet.

Bring the rich, aromatic joy of moka pot coffee into your contemporary kitchen with the Bialetti Moka Induction. This ingenious update to a classic espresso maker lets you enjoy timeless flavor and modern convenience.


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