Bialetti New Brikka 2-Cup Stovetop Moka Pot – Make Authentic Crema-Rich Espresso at Home



Experience the richness and intensity of true Italian espresso with the Bialetti New Brikka stovetop moka pot. As the inventor of the original moka pot, Bialetti has perfected the art of brewing rich, aromatic espresso coffee in your own kitchen. With its patented double chamber design, the Brikka utilizes pressure brewing to extract the Coffee’s natural oils and aromas while creating an irresistibly thick and creamy layer of crema on top – the hallmark of a high-quality espresso.

Thick, Creamy Crema for Intense Espresso Flavor

The Brikka’s innovative double chamber separates the water from the coffee grounds as it heats, allowing pressure to build slowly and steadily. This produces the ideal environment for brewing rich, full-bodied espresso coffee crowned with a smooth and luscious layer of golden crema. Savor intense espresso flavor complemented by sweet, creamy notes only found in true Italian-style coffee.

Quick & Easy Operation

Brewing coffee with the Brikka couldn’t be simpler. Just fill the boiler chamber with water, add ground coffee to the filter, and place on any stovetop over medium heat. The Brikka handles the rest, releasing Coffee when it reaches the optimal temperature and pressure. Turn off the heat when it starts to gurgle, and freshly brewed espresso will flow into the serving chamber.

Compact Size, Large Capacity

This 2-cup size Brikka stands just 6.5 inches tall, with a sleek, space-saving footprint perfect for kitchens of any size. But its deceivingly compact exterior holds two full 3.4oz servings of rich, authentic espresso – enough to share with a friend or savor yourself. The durable, high-quality aluminum construction also allows for excellent heat retention and distribution.

Works on Any Stove

The Brikka is designed for use on any stovetop: gas, electric, ceramic glass or even over a campfire. The sturdy aluminum pot conducts heat quickly and evenly, while the stay-cool handle makes it easy and safe to use. It’s also compatible with induction cooktops when used with Bialetti’s optional induction adapter plate (sold separately).

Iconic Bialetti Quality

With nearly 100 years of experience crafting coffeemakers, Bialetti is committed to quality and innovation. The New Brikka carries on the tradition with a sleek, modernized design made exclusively in Europe. Bialetti’s signature 8-sided shape and charming mustachioed mascot make this moka pot instantly recognizable for its authentic Italian roots.

Tips for Using Your Moka Pot

While designed for simplicity, following a few tips will allow you to brew café-quality espresso drinks at home using your Brikka:

  • Use finely ground coffee suited for espresso.
  • Fill with cold water up to, but not exceeding the valve.
  • Use medium heat and preheat slowly to prevent burning.
  • Stop heating when it starts to gurgle.
  • Let coffee fully extract before pouring.
  • Clean thoroughly after each use.

With the Bialetti New Brikka, you can take your morning ritual to the next level and enjoy barista-style drinks at home every day. Steam milk to create creamy cappuccinos and lattes, or sip the aromatic espresso on its own – this moka pot elevates Coffee into a luxurious experience.

Make authentic Italian espresso at home with thick, sweet crema from the Bialetti New Brikka. Order yours today!


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