Bigelow Green Tea Keurig K-Cup Pods – Soothing Antioxidant Tea Single Serve Cups for Keurig K-Cup Brewers – 24 Count (4 Boxes of 24)



Soothe your senses and energize your morning routine with the crisp, verdant flavor of Bigelow Green Tea K-Cup pods. Steeped in tradition yet optimally convenient, these single serve cups provide the full-bodied tea experience you love from Bigelow with the ease of Keurig brewing. Just pop a pod into your compatible brewer and enjoy a fresh cup of antioxidant-rich iced or hot green tea in seconds.

A Soothing Cup of Antioxidant Green Tea, Now in Convenient K-Cup Portions

For over 75 years, the Bigelow family has hand-blended fine quality teas to perfection. Their classic green tea uses young, early spring tea leaves grown high in the mountains where lush conditions impart a distinctly smooth, refreshing taste. Carefully steamed to retain vital antioxidants, each sip features delicate grassy notes rounded out by faint sweetness. This time-honored recipe shines through in every pre-portioned K-Cup pod.

Simply load a Bigelow green tea K-Cup into your Keurig brewer and brew a cup to your liking. The perforated pod allows water to infuse fully for a robust depth of flavor. Enjoy hot as a comforting morning cup or iced to quench your afternoon thirst. However you take it, you’ll notice the smooth, soothing flavor profile with grassy nuances and no bitterness. It’s green tea made simple, consistent, and delicious every time.

Why Choose Bigelow Tea K-Cup Pods?

Flavor You’ll Love

For exceptional flavor in a convenient format, Bigelow’s K-Cup tea pods can’t be beat. Sourced from premium tea leaves and blended using that same commitment to quality that made Bigelow America’s #1 specialty tea brand, each pod delivers the full flavor you want from your green tea. The results are palate-pleasing cups with all the subtle complexities that make this green tea a joy to drink.

Convenient Single Serve

No need to measure loose tea when you have Bigelow K-Cup pods. Simply pop one into your compatible single serve Keurig brewer and select your preferred cup size. In just over a minute, you’ll have a fresh cup of hot or iced green tea any time of day. It’s an easy way to keep your daily tea routine when you’re busy.

Brew Your Way

The beauty of Keurig brewing is customization. Dial in your perfect cup with complete control over serve size, brew strength and other settings. Make your morning cup bold and large to energize. Brew an afternoon cup on low for a lighter profile. The Bigelow green tea pods give you quality, consistency and flexibility in one.

Quality You Trust

With Bigelow, you know you’re getting a quality cup every time you brew. These pre-portioned K-Cups contain the same expertly blended green tea Bigelow has been perfecting since 1945. Produced in the USA using ethically sourced tea leaves, every ingredient and process meets Bigelow’s strict standards for flavor, responsibly grown tea, and great tasting results cup after cup.

About Bigelow Tea Company

Bigelow Tea is a third-generation family-owned company whose founders Ruth and David Bigelow created and marketed the first specialty tea in the United States in 1945- Constant Comment. Inspired by an early colonial tea recipe, Constant Comment broke from the common black tea convention with its inventive blend of black tea, orange rind and sweet spices.

That same commitment to crafting unique tea blending artistry lives on today in every Bigelow variety. While innovation continues, so does tradition with time-honored growing and production methods that preserve each tea’s nuances. The result is a catalog spanning green, black, organic wellness teas and more, each with the remarkable flavor that makes Bigelow America’s #1 specialty tea brand. As David Bigelow often said, “Tea is meant for sharing… when shared, life is richer.”


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