Biomoty Adhesive Towel Ring – Modern Wall-Mounted Towel Holder That Installs in Seconds with No Tools or Drilling Required



Tired of dealing with old, rusty towel bars that leave ugly holes in your walls? Searching for a quick and easy way to hang towels in your bathroom or kitchen without complicated installation? Then you need the Biomoty Adhesive Towel Ring!

This revolutionary towel holder installs in seconds with no tools required thanks to the industrial-strength adhesive. No more drilling holes in your walls or trying to figure out stud placement. Just peel and stick this towel ring anywhere you need extra storage space. The strong adhesive keeps it firmly in place on any smooth, clean surface.

With its sleek matte black finish and minimalist round design, this towel ring adds a modern touch to any room. The stainless steel construction is rustproof and built to last. No more replacing flimsy chrome bars that get bent out of shape or develop rust stains over time.


Self-Adhesive Installation: No drills or tools needed! The adhesive backing securely mounts to smooth surfaces without damaging walls. Just wipe the area clean, peel off the adhesive liner, press firmly for 30 seconds, and your new towel ring is ready to hold up to 6 lbs!

Durable Stainless Steel: Made from premium grade 201 stainless steel that is rustproof and corrosion resistant. The matte black finish resists scratches and fingerprints. Built to withstand daily use and bathroom humidity.

Modern Round Design: Sleek minimalist look complements any contemporary decor. Subtle matte black color blends into tile, wood, or painted walls. Perfect for modern bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more.

Holds Up to 6 lbs: Sturdy steel construction securely holds bath towels, hand towels, dish towels, and more. Hangs multiple towels at a time with no sagging. Rotates 180° for easy access.

No Wall Damage: Self-adhesive backing sticks firmly without ruining walls. Removes cleanly without leaving marks, holes, sticky residue, or damaged paint or drywall. Safe for renters and temporary uses.

The Easiest Towel Ring You’ll Ever Install

Stop struggling with difficult tower bar installation that leaves your walls worse for wear. This adhesive towel ring makes hanging towels a breeze with no drilling or hardware needed. Here’s how quick and simple it is:

Step 1) Wipe down the surface where you want to place the towel ring to remove any dust or oils. Allow the area to fully dry.

Step 2) Remove the adhesive backing from the towel ring. Carefully press the ring onto the wall for 30 seconds to secure it.

Step 3) Let it set for 24-48 hours before use for maximum strength.

That’s it! Your new towel ring will now securely hold all your towels, bathrobes, and more. The strong adhesive keeps it firmly mounted as you place and remove items daily. No more loose towel bars falling off the wall or leaving ugly holes behind.

Designed for Versatility

This adhesive towel ring isn’t just for bathrooms. Use it anywhere you need extra hanging space without complicated installation:

  • Kitchen – Hang dish towels, oven mitts, aprons
  • Laundry Room – Air dry delicates and hand washables
  • Mud Room – Hang jackets, bags, pet leashes
  • Dorm – Mount in shower stall or by sink
  • Office – Hold hand towels in break room
  • Garage – Store rags and gloves

The compact round profile fits even in tight spaces. Easily mount it on cabinets, pantry doors, tile backsplashes, and more. No need to find a wall stud. Just stick it up and start hanging items immediately.

Adhesive Backing Sticks Strong Yet Removes Cleanly

Ever struggled to remove old towel bars only to spend hours patching and repainting holes? Our adhesive towel ring comes off cleanly whenever you’re ready.

The industrial-strength adhesive is formulated to stick tightly while mounted. Yet it removes without ruining your walls. No adhesive residue left behind on the surface. It won’t damage existing paint or drywall. Makes this towel ring perfect for:

  • Renters
  • Dorm rooms
  • Temporary uses
  • RV owners
  • Vacation homes

Use it as long as needed, then take it down without worries when it’s time to remove. Far easier than anchored hardware that leaves unsightly marks you have to fix.

Rustproof Stainless Steel Construction

Ordinary chrome-plated towel bars often succumb to rust and corrosion, especially in humid bathrooms. But not this premium towel ring!

It’s constructed from 201 stainless steel that maintains its beautiful matte black finish for years. The heavy-duty steel resists rust, tarnishing, and scratches.

No need to worry about this towel ring bending, losing its finish, or leaving rust stains on your towels. The durable steel is also bacteria-resistant, perfect for keeping your towels fresh and clean.

180° Rotation For Convenient Access

Most fixed towel bars only allow you to hang towels in one position. But our innovative towel ring rotates a full 180° so you can easily place towels exactly where you need them.

Hang it horizontally, vertically, or at any angle in between. Rotate it downwards for easy one-handed access to towels. Then tilt it upwards and out of the way when not in use.

The rotational design makes this towel ring extremely versatile for optimal use. Position towels perfectly every time for added convenience.

Matches Any Decor

With its versatile round shape and understated matte black finish, this adhesive towel ring complements any style bathroom or kitchen.

The minimalist low-profile design blends in elegantly. It adds function without being an eyesore like bulky towel bars. Mix and match with your existing metal finishes and hardware.

Looks great on tile, wallpaper, painted walls, wood paneling, glass shower doors, and more. Instantly increase your hanging storage anywhere you need it!

Buy With Confidence

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We stand behind the quality of our bathroom accessories with a 30-day money back promise. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love this easy-to-install towel ring.

Experience the convenience of no-tools installation. Hang multiple towels without drilling holes in your walls. All while adding a touch of modern style to your space.

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