Bivisen 128 Capacity CD/DVD Case Holder – Stylish Storage for Your Precious Media Collection



Do you have a treasured collection of CDs, DVDs, or VCDs that you want to keep safe and organized? Look no further than the Bivisen 128 Capacity CD/DVD Case Holder! This sleek and stylish case is the perfect solution for storing and protecting your media library.

Crafted from high quality and durable plastic, moisture and tear resistant PP film, and non-woven fabric, this case is built to last. The materials ensure your discs stay scratch-free and protected from the elements for years to come.

Despite its rugged construction, the Bivisen holder remains slim and lightweight. This makes it easy to transport in your car, bring on trips, or store at home without taking up too much space. Measuring just x-inches, it doesn’t require much room at all.

The versatile interior features 128 individual sleeves to accommodate standard size CD, DVD, VCD, and Blu-ray discs. The sleeves keep each disc separate to prevent scratching. You’ll be able to flip through and organize your collection with ease.

A two-way zipper opens and closes the case smoothly. This gives you quick access to your favorite albums, movies, and more. The zipper is designed to glide easily without snagging, keeping your discs protected inside.

The Bivisen holder includes a convenient hand strap on the side. This allows you to securely carry the case wherever you go. Bring it along to trade media with friends, take it on road trips, or proudly display your collection at conventions.

Despite having room for 128 discs, the case remains surprisingly lightweight when full. The smart design distributes weight evenly, so you can transport a large media library without feeling weighed down.

Beyond CD, DVD, and VCD storage, this case has many other great uses:

Store Blu-ray discs, video game discs, and audio cassettes
Organize and protect collectible vinyl records
Hold craft supplies like ribbons, beads, and buttons
Keep important documents tidy in the office
Take fishing lures on your tackle box on trips

No matter what you choose to store, the premium construction ensures your belongings stay organized and scratch-free.

Carry Your Collection with Confidence

Life happens. Accidents happen. When transporting your treasured media collection, protection is a must.

The last thing you want is for your precious CDs, DVDs, or VCDs to get scratched, shattered, or damaged due to drops or dings. A broken case or loose discs just won’t cut it.

That’s why the Bivisen holder is constructed using such high quality and durable materials. The rugged exterior can withstand daily use, bumps, and some drops without your discs inside getting a scratch.

The moisture resistant materials also keep your collection protected no matter what life throws your way. Splashes, spills, rain, snow, and humidity won’t cause any issues.

No more worrying about the safety of your favorite movies, music, games, and more. Simply tuck them into this holder and head out with confidence. Your collection will stay organized and pristine.

When it comes to finding storage you can rely on to protect your cherished media, accept no substitutes. The Bivisen CD/DVD case holder is crafted to safeguard your memories for years to come.

Designed for Ultimate Portability

Do you find yourself constantly on the go and need a reliable way to transport your CD, DVD, and VCD collection? Are you a frequent traveler who doesn’t want to leave your media behind?

The Bivisen holder is designed with portability in mind to keep your discs at your fingertips wherever life takes you.

The slim and lightweight build takes up minimal space in your bag or suitcase. Simply tuck it away and you’ll barely notice it’s there – but your media will be safe and nearby.

The included hand strap also makes grabbing and going a breeze. Just sling it over your shoulder and head out with your entire collection in tow.

Whether you’re road tripping cross country, commuting to work, heading to a friend’s place, or jet setting overseas, this case is ready. Your media library can now join you on any adventure.

Don’t be constrained by bulky storage solutions. The Bivisen holder offers the perfect balance of capacity, durability, and portability. Your collection can now travel near and far while staying protected.

Ditch the flimsy cardboard boxes and stop worrying about your discs getting lost in transit. This holder keeps them organized, secure, and mobile.

Your memories and favorite entertainment deserve storage you can rely on. Pick up the Bivisen CD/DVD case holder and finally get the portable protection your collection needs.

Organize Your Media Collection in Style

Tired of having loose piles of CDs, DVDs, and VCDs strewn about that seem impossible to organize?

The cluttered mess not only looks unsightly, it also makes finding the movie or album you want a frustrating challenge. Discs can also get scratched, damaged, or lost in the chaos.

The Bivisen media holder provides the total solution to tidy up your collection while keeping it protected.

This durable case features 128 individual sleeves to neatly file away your discs. Customize the arrangement however you wish – by genre, release date, or special collections.

With your media organized into one place, you’ll be able to browse and find exactly what you need in seconds. No more digging through sprawling piles.

The high quality and stylish exterior adds a nice touch of refinement to your storage. No longer does your media collection need to be shoved in a cardboard box or precarious stack.

Let the Bivisen holder elegantly display your library while keeping it damage-free. Your discs will be housed in both fashion and function.

Don’t settle for a messy media collection that leaves you frustrated. Get organized with the versatile and durable Bivisen CD/DVD case holder. Enjoy quick access to your favorite movies, albums, and games again while keeping them stored in style.

Stop Worrying About Your Disc Collection

If your CD, DVD, or VCD collection is:

Getting damaged from improper storage
At risk of getting lost or misplaced
Unorganized and hard to access
Taking up too much space

It’s time to stop worrying and do something about it!

The Bivisen 128 Capacity Media Holder provides the total solution to keep your treasured discs safe, tidy, and easy to access.

The rugged exterior protects against scratches, scuffs, and shocks that can ruin your beloved movies, music, and games.

The individual sleeves keep every disc separate so they stay scratch-free. You’ll never have to worry about loose discs getting jumbled and damaged again.

The convenient hand strap lets you securely transport your collection anywhere without fear of dropping them. No more worrying about the safety of your media on the go.

This holder allows you to neatly organize up to 128 discs so you can always find what you need in seconds. No more fruitless searches through a disorganized pile.

Compact and lightweight, the Bivisen holder neatly stores hundreds of discs without monopolizing space. Easy to tuck onto a shelf, in a cabinet, or take anywhere.

Give your disc collection the protection and care it deserves! Bring home the Bivisen CD/DVD Case Holder and kiss your media storage woes goodbye.

Your Memories and Media Deserve This Premium Storage Solution

After investing time and money building your collection of beloved CDs, DVDs, and VCDs, don’t let it fall victim to disorganization and damage. Those discs contain irreplaceable memories that deserve to be preserved.

Trust the Bivisen 128 Capacity CD/DVD Case Holder to provide the refined, durable, and portable storage your media collection deserves.

This premium holder is thoughtfully designed to address the unique needs of media storage and transport. High quality materials and protective sleeves keep your discs organized, safe, and scratch-free for years to come.

Elegant, compact, and portable – everything a media collection could want. No more unsightly cardboard boxes or flimsy cases.

Give your treasured movies, music, games, photos, and more the stylish protection they deserve. Let the Bivisen holder help preserve those memories for a lifetime.

At the end of the day, your media collection represents years of meaningful moments. Don’t settle for lackluster storage that puts it at risk. The Bivisen holder cherishes those memories just as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many discs can this case hold?

This case can hold up to 128 CDs, DVDs, VCDs, or Blu-ray discs.

What material is it made of?

Constructed from durable plastic, moisture and tear resistant PP film, and non-woven fabric.

Does it protect discs from getting scratched?

Yes! Individual sleeves separate each disc to prevent scratching.

Is it easy to carry?

Absolutely. The hand strap allows for easy transport and portability.

Can I organize discs by genre, release date, etc?

The customizable sleeves allow you to organize your collection any way you like!

Will my discs fit if they have artwork or booklets?

This case accommodates standard size CDs and DVDs with artwork and booklets without issues.

Is assembly required?

None at all! This holder comes ready to use right out of the box.

Do I need any special tools to open/close it?

Nope! Just glide the smooth 2-way zipper to open and close with ease.

Is it durable enough for frequent use?

Absolutely. The high quality rugged materials ensure it will last for years of regular use.

Where is the Bivisen holder made?

Proudly designed and constructed 100% in China.


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