Bivisen CD/DVD Case Holder, 128 Capacity CD VCD Media Wallet, Storage, Holder, Booklet, Organizer (Black)



Tired of rummaging through piles of CD/DVD cases trying to find the one you want? Sick of cases falling over and getting scratched? Say goodbye to the mess with the Bivisen CD/DVD Case Holder!

This clever organizer holds up to 128 CD/DVD cases in a compact, upright design. The durable board construction and vinyl cover keep your discs protected while saving space. No more digging through stacks or drawers. Just flip through the pages to view titles or grab the case you need in seconds.


  • Holds 128 CD/DVD cases in a slim, portable folio style case
  • Durable board pages keep cases upright and prevent scratching/scuffing
  • Vinyl exterior withstands minor bumps and shelf wear
  • Convenient carrying handle for easy transport
  • Lightweight and space-saving design
  • Available in black color

Organize Your Collection with Ease

Tired of a messy pile of CD/DVD cases toppling over whenever you try to pick one? This holder allows you to neatly organize up to 128 discs in a compact book-style format. Cases slide securely into the individual slots, keeping them upright and contained while you browse or travel.

The sturdy pages offer plenty of protection against scratches, scuffs, and cracks that can happen to loose cases. Just tuck the folio under your arm and go. The vinyl cover also helps shield your discs from dust, fingerprints, and other damage.

Take Your Music and Movies Anywhere

Thanks to the slim profile and carrying handle, you can take your CD/DVD collection anywhere with total ease. Keep it in your car for road trips, bring it to parties or gatherings to provide entertainment, or keep it handy for DJing events and performances.

The lightweight design won’t weigh down your bag or luggage either. Whether you’re headed to college, going on vacation, or just lounging around the house, your media collection is always within reach.

Designed to Save Space

Short on shelf or drawer space for all your discs and cases? This holder allows you to condense and organize your collection while maintaining easy access. Forget rummaging through cabinets and closets. Just store this holder on a shelf, desktop, or media center to flip through your movies, games, and music conveniently.

The upright design takes up far less room than scattered horizontal cases while protecting your discs from damage. Forget the clutter and keep your collection neat with this space-saving essential.

Keep Your Collection Looking Great

Shield your CD/DVD collection from damage and dust while keeping it tidy and organized. This holder ensures your discs stay scratch-free and accessible for years to come. Just wipe down the exterior occasionally to remove dust and debris.

Impress your guests with your movie/music library while keeping it protected and looking great. This holder prevents cases from deteriorating over time, ensuring your collection maintains its pristine condition and presentation.

Never deal with scratched discs or broken cases again! Keep your media neat, tidy, and always at your fingertips with the Bivisen CD/DVD Case Holder.


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