Blackstone Pro 22Piece Tool Kit 5179 – The Ultimate Griddle and BBQ Accessory Set for Grilling Enthusiasts



Take your griddle and BBQ game to the next level with the Blackstone Pro 22Piece Tool Kit 5179. This professional quality set has everything you need to grill like a pro in your backyard or kitchen.

All-In-One Premium BBQ Tools

This comprehensive toolkit includes 6 high-quality stainless steel utensils for handling any grilling task with ease. You get a sturdy 16 inch BBQ spatula, 16 inch grill tongs, 16 inch fork, an extra long and wide griddle spatula, an extra long griddle spatula, and a 16 inch ladle. With this set, you’ll have the right BBQ accessory for flipping burgers, turning hot dogs, grabbing ears of corn, serving up grilled veggies, dishing out chilli and more.

Built to Last

Each of these essential grilling tools is crafted to meet the highest standards for durability and performance. The heads are made of robust stainless steel that stands up to high heat and resists rust and corrosion. The extra long handles provide a safe and comfortable grip, letting you keep your hands away from the heat of the grill. They’re constructed of heat resistant plastic for added protection.

Designed for Any Grill

This multi-purpose set was created to work with all types of grills and griddles. The extended length spatulas and tongs allow you to easily reach across large grill grates and griddle surfaces. Use them for pancakes and eggs on your Blackstone griddle, flipping burgers on your Weber, or tending to kabobs on your Charbroil. They’re sized right for any home grill or outdoor cooker.

Dishwasher Safe for Quick Cleaning

After an evening of grilling, you can quickly clean up these BBQ tools by tossing them right in the dishwasher. The stainless steel heads remove stuck-on food debris easily so your tools look great every time. The composite handles can handle high heat washing.

Perfect Grilling Gift

Give the gift of grilling greatness! This 22 piece grill set makes a fantastic present for any backyard chef. It’s sure to take their cooking game up a notch. From first-time grillers to seasoned pitmasters, any BBQ fan will appreciate having this complete grilling toolkit at their disposal.

Here’s everything included in the set:

16 Inch BBQ Spatula

The extra long, sturdy BBQ spatula is designed to easily flip those big burgers and patties on your grill. The angled tip lets you get under food cleanly.

16 Inch BBQ Tongs

Grip and turn food securely with these high-quality BBQ tongs. The scalloped pincers provide a firm hold on all types of meat and veggies.

16 Inch BBQ Fork

The long BBQ fork lets you maneuver and grab food around a hot grill safely. Easily pierce, turn and transfer grilled meats and veggies.

Extra Long Wide Griddle Spatula

This extra long wide griddle spatula is perfect for pancakes and flat top grilling. The beveled edge gets under food cleanly.

Extra Long Griddle Spatula

Take on big jobs like flipping a dozen burgers at once with this extra long griddle spatula. The thin, flexible edge conforms to food.

16 Inch BBQ Ladle

Use the ladle for basting meats or serving up sauces, salsas, chili and more. Generous size handles liquid smoothly.

With this complete 22 piece Blackstone Pro tool kit, you have everything required for sensational grilling results. The premium stainless steel construction ensures these tools will hold up to frequent high heat use. Each helper is designed to provide effortless handling for the best backyard grilling experience. Bring gourmet flavor to your grill game with this versatile accessory set!


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