Blemoacha Elegant T-Shape Freestanding Towel Rack – Marble Base Bathroom Towel Holder for Countertop Vanity



Add a touch of elegant style to your bathroom decor with the Blemoacha T-Shape Freestanding Towel Rack. This beautiful towel stand features a heavy marble base for stability and stainless steel rods for holding towels or accessories. The unique T-bar design provides ample space to neatly organize and display hand towels, bath towels, jewelry, and more while taking up minimal counter space.

Sturdy Marble Base for Secure Placement

The thick, solid marble base on this freestanding towel rack provides a stable foundation so the rack stays firmly in place on your countertop. Weighing over 5 pounds, the marble base is heavy enough to keep the rack steady and prevent tipping or sliding, even when holding multiple towels or pulling forcefully on accessories. Its flat bottom has 3 soft rubber pads that grip surfaces to prevent the base from scratching or sliding on countertops.

Rust-Resistant 304 Stainless Steel

The towel bars are made of top-quality 304 stainless steel that’s built to last. The premium steel construction resists corrosion, rust, tarnishing, and fingerprints so it maintains its beautiful brushed finish for years of daily use in humid bathroom environments. It won’t develop unsightly spots, stains, or rust over time like cheaper steel towel racks.

Holds Up To 4 Standard Towels

With a wide 14.8 inch height and 11.4 inch width, the towel stand provides plenty of bar space to hang up to 4 standard sized hand towels or bath towels. The towel rods extend 4.7 inches from the base so towels and accessories don’t crowd each other or come into contact with counter surfaces.

Unique T-Shape Design

Unlike traditional single bar towel racks, the unique T-shape design provides more organization options. The perpendicular bottom bar is perfect for neatly lining up folded hand towels or washcloths. The longer vertical bar holds bath towels or larger items like robes, while also providing a handy place to hang jewelry, hair accessories, or handbags using the rounded hooks on the ends.

Multi-Purpose Usage

This freestanding towel stand isn’t just for the bathroom – the sleek style blends into any room’s decor. Use it bedside for holding towels or clothes in the bedroom, on a patio or balcony for pool towels, at the kitchen sink for hand towels, on a dressing table for necklaces and bracelets, or even in the laundry room. The marble base protects any surface it sits on.

Easy to Assemble & Maintain

The towel organizer ships ready to use with no assembly required. Keeping it clean is hassle-free – simply wipe down the smooth steel and granite surfaces with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh cleaners that could damage the finish. The open bar design allows towels to dry quickly, preventing musty odors.

Enhance Your Bathroom’s Decor

With its elegant white and gray marble base and brushed metal bars, this towel stand adds a touch of modern luxury to bathrooms. The neutral tones complement both bold and subtle decor styles from glamorous to minimalist. Display folded towels for a tidy spa-like look. The compact size fits in small spaces but makes a big visual impact!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love displaying and using your new Blemoacha towel stand, so it’s backed by our 1-year warranty. We’ll provide a replacement or refund if you’re not completely satisfied with this bathroom towel rack. With premium quality materials and craftsmanship, we’re confident it will become a favorite part of your home.

Bring convenience, style, and organization to your bathroom with the multi-functional Blemoacha T-Shape Freestanding Towel Rack! Its space-saving design minimizes clutter while providing plenty of usable display space for towels, jewelry, and accessories. The stability of the marble base and durability of the steel bars make this a towel stand that will gracefully serve any bathroom for years to come.


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