Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner Tablets, 10 Pack – Keep Your Waterbed in Tip-Top Shape!



Tired of dealing with a leaky, wavey waterbed? Our Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner Tablets are specially formulated to keep your waterbed mattress in optimal condition. This 10 pack of powerful waterbed tablets will get your bed back to feeling smooth, stable, and comfortable in no time.

Fights Odors and Bacteria

Our waterbed tablets fight odor causing bacteria that can build up over time in your mattress, leading to off-putting scents emanating from your bed. The advanced formula sanitizes your waterbed, eliminating unpleasant odors at the source while preventing new bacteria from forming.

Reduces Wave Motion

Excessive wave motion is one of the top complaints about waterbeds. Our waterbed conditioner tablets contain polymers that help reduce surface tension in your mattress. This leads to a smooth, stable surface that prevents the wave motion that can disturb your sleep and partner.

Seals Small Leaks

Over time, small leaks can develop in waterbed mattresses, leading to the need for troublesome repairs. Our tablets contain sealing agents that find and seal minor leaks in the vinyl, letting you avoid premature mattress replacement. Just dissolve a tablet and leaks up to 1/8″ diameter can be sealed.

Made in the USA

Blue Magic waterbed conditioner tablets are proudly made in the USA with quality ingredients you can trust. Our advanced formula has been trusted by waterbed owners for over 40 years to keep their beds hygienic, stable, and leak-free.

Simple to Use

Maintaining your waterbed is easy with our tablets. Just remove your mattress liner and drop 1 tablet per 50 gallons of water into your mattress. Run your filtration system for an hour to adequately dissolve and circulate the solution. Use every 4-6 months, or whenever you notice wave motion, odors, or leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tablets should I use?

Use 1 tablet per 50 gallons of water in your mattress. Most queen and king sized beds will need 4-6 tablets.

How often should I use Blue Magic tablets?

For optimal performance, use every 4-6 months. You may also use whenever you notice issues like leaks, odors, or excessive waves.

Can I use with any type of waterbed?

Our tablets are safe for use in any vinyl waterbed mattress and work with soft or hard-sided beds.

Are the tablets safe for my heater and liner?

Yes, Blue Magic is safe for all components of your waterbed when used as directed.

Experience the comfort and convenience of a waterbed without the hassles by using Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner Tablets. Order a 10 pack today and keep your waterbed in tip-top condition!


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