Blue Magic Waterbed Fill & Drain Kit – Efficient and Easy Waterbed Maintenance



Tired of the hassle of maintaining your waterbed? Make waterbed care easy with the Blue Magic Waterbed Fill & Drain Kit. This convenient kit contains everything you need for efficient waterbed draining and filling.

Quickly Drain Your Waterbed with Ease

Draining a waterbed can be time consuming and messy, but not with this fill and drain kit. The kit includes a high quality drain hose and adapter that allows you to quickly drain all the water from your waterbed. The durable vinyl hose easily attaches to your waterbed drain valve for fast water evacuation down to the last drop.

Refill Your Waterbed in No Time

After draining your waterbed, the refill process is smooth and simple. Attach a standard garden hose to the included brass fill nozzle adapter. This solid brass construction provides a secure connection for effortless waterbed filling. The convenient on/off trigger gives you complete control of the water flow for accurate filling up to your desired level.

Maintain Your Waterbed with Premium Conditioner

Proper waterbed conditioner is vital for maintaining a healthy waterbed environment. This kit includes a 4 oz bottle of Blue Magic premium waterbed conditioner. Specially formulated to prevent waterbed odor, algae buildup, staining, and scaling, this fast-acting conditioner keeps your waterbed water fresh and clean. Just add the recommended amount during your fill process.

Key Features

  • Drain hose with adapter for quick waterbed draining
  • Solid brass fill nozzle for secure garden hose connection
  • Handy on/off trigger for controlled refilling
  • 4 oz bottle of Blue Magic premium waterbed conditioner
  • Made in the USA


  • Drain Hose: 48″ L x 1⁄2″ ID vinyl
  • Fill Nozzle: Solid brass with 3⁄4″ garden hose connector
  • Conditioner: 4 oz bottle treats up to 135 gallons
  • Country of Origin: USA

Convenient Waterbed Maintenance

Maintaining your waterbed is easy and efficient with the Blue Magic Waterbed Fill & Drain Kit. The durable components allow you to quickly drain the old water and refill with fresh pre-conditioned water. Regular waterbed maintenance keeps your bed clean and extends its life. Get your waterbed back in service quickly after draining so you can start enjoying the comfort again without delay.

Trusted Blue Magic Brand

Blue Magic has been a leading brand in waterbed supplies for over 40 years. All their products are made in the USA and specially designed for waterbeds. When you buy the Blue Magic Fill & Drain Kit, you can trust you are getting a high-quality kit for easy DIY waterbed care.

Secure Brass Connections

Avoid leaks during the refill process with the secure brass fill nozzle. The solid brass construction offers superior strength and corrosion resistance compared to plastic nozzles which can crack over time. Brass provides a sturdy, durable connection to your garden hose so you can refill your waterbed with confidence.

Complete Waterbed Maintenance System

Don’t waste time and hassle trying to cobble together various incompatible waterbed maintenance components. This complete fill and drain kit contains everything required for a simplified waterbed care regimen. Spend less time struggling with draining and refilling, and more time enjoying your warm, cozy waterbed.

Designed for All Waterbed Brands

No matter what brand or type of waterbed you own, this handy kit has you covered. The universal components and premium conditioner work with any vinyl, fiberglass, or other waterbed mattress and frame. Keep your waterbed looking and feeling like new.

Eliminate Waterbed Odors and Contaminants

Over time, waterbeds can develop unpleasant odors, algae, and mineral deposits if the water is not changed regularly. The included Blue Magic conditioner helps prevent these problems by controlling organic growth and inhibiting scale buildup in the water.


How often should I drain and refill my waterbed?
For optimal waterbed maintenance, it is recommended to drain and refill your waterbed every 4 to 6 months. More frequent water changes may be required if odor or staining occurs.

How do I know when it’s time to drain my waterbed?
Signs it’s time for a water change include musty odors from the water, visible algae or slime buildup inside the mattress, staining or mineral deposits, and water that is no longer warm to the touch overnight.

Do I need any special skills or tools?
This kit contains everything most owners need for DIY waterbed draining and refilling. No special skills are required beyond attaching a garden hose and draining into a floor drain or outdoors.

What conditioner do you recommend?
We recommend using the included 4oz bottle of Blue Magic premium waterbed conditioner for best results. Specially formulated for waterbed use, it keeps water fresh and preventsissues.

How much conditioner should I use?
For a king size waterbed of around 225 gallons or less, add the entire 4 oz bottle during the refill process. For larger beds above 300 gallons, we recommend purchasing an additional bottle.

Order the Blue Magic Waterbed Fill & Drain Kit Today

Take the frustration out of waterbed maintenance with this complete fill and drain kit. The durable components allow you to quickly drain old water and refill with pre-conditioned fresh water for a healthy, odor-free waterbed. Regular draining and filling also extends the life of your waterbed. Get your waterbed back in top shape today with fast shipping from Amazon.


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