Blue Magic Waterbed Replacement Cap and Seal Plug – Seal and Protect Your Waterbed Mattress



Keep your waterbed mattress secure and leak-free with the Blue Magic Waterbed Replacement Cap and Seal Plug. This essential waterbed accessory includes both a soft rubber seal to plug holes in your mattress or fill tube and a hard plastic cap to screw on securely over the seal. With over 40 years of experience crafting waterbed accessories, Blue Magic is the brand you can trust for reliable, long-lasting products to care for your waterbed.

Seal and Protect Holes to Prevent Leaks

Over time, waterbed mattresses and fill tubes can develop small holes or cracks that cause slow leaks. Rather than buy a whole new mattress, this Blue Magic seal provides an easy and affordable fix. Simply press the tapered rubber plug into the hole or crack to create a tight, waterproof barrier. The ribbed outer surface holds it firmly in place inside the mattress or tube. No tools are needed – just push in by hand for a snug, secure fit.

Lock In Place with a Sturdy Plastic Cap

To keep the seal from working loose or falling out, this set includes a hard plastic cap to screw over the top. The cap creates lasting compression to prevent leaks and oozing around the seal. Just hand tighten the ridged outer cap until snug. No wrenches needed. The low profile cap sits nearly flush with the mattress or tube surface for an inconspicuous appearance.

Universal Fit for All Waterbed Sizes

This Blue Magic waterbed repair kit is designed to work with any make or size of softside and hardside waterbed mattresses, including:

  • California King waterbed mattress
  • Standard King waterbed mattress
  • Queen waterbed mattress
  • Full/Double waterbed mattress

It fits fill tubes and plugs holes in waterbed bladders measuring from 11 to 20 millimeters diameter. Simple and versatile, this seal and cap combo can fix leaking or punctured spots in any waterbed in your home.

Trusted Blue Magic Quality

With over 40 years of experience creating waterbed accessories, Blue Magic is a leading brand that waterbed owners rely on. All products are made with quality materials engineered to last through years of use. Blue Magic replacement parts are designed to work seamlessly with your existing waterbed system. Real wood and metal components match the finishes and hardware of your bed frame and foundation. Depend on Blue Magic for replacement components to restore your waterbed to its best working order.

Easy and Affordable Leak Repair

Fixing leaks in your waterbed is quick and easy with the Blue Magic seal and cap kit. No need to struggle with epoxies or paying for costly replacements. Just plug with the tapered seal and lock it down with the screw cap for long-lasting protection. Keep extra seals and caps on hand for future repairs down the road. At this affordable price, it makes sense to buy multiple sets so you always have spares handy.

Waterbeds provide unmatched comfort, but they do require some specialized care. Keep your waterbed mattress sealed and maintenance free with the Blue Magic Waterbed Replacement Cap and Seal Plug. Order today and sleep soundly knowing your bed is protected from leaks.


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