BlueCubi CD & DVD Storage Case – Holds 288 Discs



Tired of rummaging through stacks of loose CDs and DVDs? End the clutter with the BlueCubi CD & DVD Storage Case, the perfect solution for organizing your collection while keeping it protected. This versatile case can hold up to 288 discs, giving you plenty of storage for even the most extensive libraries.

The storage case features a durable and water-resistant nylon exterior that’s built to last. The tough material protects your discs from dust, scratches, and spills so they stay in pristine condition. Dual zippers keep the case securely closed when transporting it or packing for travel. With a sleek black design, it looks great displayed on a shelf or cabinet.

Inside, the case contains 24 individual pages, each holding 12 CD/DVD sleeves. The transparent plastic sleeves allow you to easily identify and flip through discs without removing them from the binder. This makes it simple to organize your collection alphabetically by artist, movie title or any other system. The sleeves also prevent surface scratches and edge damage to your discs.

Whether you’re a movie buff with an extensive DVD/Blu-ray collection or a music lover with hundreds of CDs, this case helps you keep them organized. It’s ideal for storing software discs, video games, audio books, and more. The portable size makes it perfect for travel so you can take your favorite media on the go.

The BlueCubi CD/DVD wallet has multiple advantages over loose or flimsy paper sleeves:

Protection – Hard plastic sleeves guard against scratches, fingerprints, dust, and dirt. Discs won’t get scuffed sliding in and out against each other.

Portability – Lightweight design with a handle allows you to transport up to 288 discs. Dual zippers keep case securely closed.

Organization – Customizable pages let you arrange by any sorting method. Easy to label sleeves and pages.

Storage – Holds 24 fully loaded pages to store an extensive collection. Compact size is space efficient.

Visibility – Transparent sleeves make titles easy to identify at a glance. No more fishing out mystery discs.

The BlueCubi organizer case is ideal for DJs, audiophiles, cinephiles, gamers, software collectors and anyone who needs to transport large media collections. For music lovers, it’s great for organizing album CD collections by artist, genre, or year. Movie buffs can sort DVDs and BluRays alphabetically by title or genre.

Unlike bulky disc books or flimsy paper sleeves, the BlueCubi wallet combines heavy-duty protection with portable storage. The nylon exterior and plastic pages prevent damage, while the zippered case design allows easy carrying.

For anyone still using old CD binders or shoeboxes for media storage, this case is a huge upgrade. The ability to sort your collection while keeping it dust-free and scratch-free is invaluable. Simply label the sleeves and pages to create your own intuitive organizational system.

With its 288 disc capacity, this case eliminates the need for multiple carrying cases. It consolidates all your media into one portable unit. The BlueCubi organizer fits easily into a backpack or luggage for travel. Now you can take your entire music or movie collection anywhere.

For the price, you won’t find a better CD/DVD storage case. The quality rivals more expensive brands while the 288 sleeve capacity exceeds cheaper cases. Gift one to any media collector in your life so they can get their discs in order.

Keep your discs organized and protected for years to come with the BlueCubi CD/DVD Storage Case. It’s the ideal wallet for any home media library. Click Add to Cart now to keep your collection in pristine condition!


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