Bluelilly Co. 360° Rotating 3-Way LED Lighted Makeup Mirror – The Ultimate Styling and Grooming Tool for Flawless Looks Anywhere



Tired of struggling with bad lighting, tiny mirrors, and fuzzy reflections while doing your makeup, styling your hair, or grooming? Look no further than the Bluelilly Co. 360° Rotating 3-Way LED Lighted Makeup Mirror. This revolutionary 3-panel mirror is specially designed to give you a complete 360° view so you can perfect your look from every angle.

With top-quality ABS and distortion-free glass, this mirror provides stunning clarity that captures the smallest details – right down to each individual eyelash and hair. The tri-fold design unfolds to reveal three panels, including two side wings that rotate 360° for unlimited visibility. Light up every strand and stroke with the built-in dimmable LED lights that eliminate shadows and washed-out reflections.

Whether you’re applying makeup, styling your hair, trimming your beard, tweezing brows, or braiding, this lighted 3-way mirror makes it easy. See the back of your head with perfect clarity, so not a single hair is out of place. The dimmable LED lights let you adjust the brightness to match any environment. Get ready in a dark bedroom without disrupting your partner’s sleep, or take this mirror camping for on-the-go grooming.

See Yourself in a Whole New Light
Traditional mirrors only provide a one-dimensional view, which makes it almost impossible to get your look just right. With the Bluelilly Co. LED lighted mirror, the game changes completely. The 360° swiveling side panels give you a complete multi-dimensional view so you can perfect your look from every angle.

Tame unruly hair at the back of your head, apply flawless makeup across your entire face, and get precise control for detailed grooming. The crystal-clear reflection from the distortion-free glass shows your features in true high-definition.

Salon-Quality Lighting Anywhere You Go
Perfect lighting is essential for doing your hair and makeup, but finding it isn’t always easy. Traditional top-down lighting creates shadows that hide flaws and prevent precision styling. But the Bluelilly Co. mirror comes with built-in adjustable LED surround lighting that bathes your face in a flattering glow and illuminates every detail.

The dimmable lights allow you to set the perfect brightness for any environment. Get ready in the early morning without turning on harsh overhead lights that will wake your partner. Take it camping or on road trips for hotel-quality lighting in your tent or RV. The LED lights provide shadow-free 300 lumen illumination – ideal for flawless makeup application and meticulous grooming even in dim conditions.

Easily Mount It or Take It Anywhere
Thanks to the sturdy built-in hanging hardware on the back, you can securely mount this mirror on any wall or door in seconds. But don’t worry, portability isn’t compromised! It also comes with a padded travel case so you can pack it up and take it anywhere.

Keep it on your bedroom or bathroom wall for everyday use, then detach it and throw it in your suitcase or carry-on bag when traveling. The compact tri-fold design folds down to a slim 8.75” x 7” x 2” size that fits perfectly in luggage, purses, or backpacks. Enjoy the same hotel-style lighting and visibility for hair, makeup, and grooming anywhere you go.

Designed for Every Grooming Need
Whether you’re a makeup artist, hairstylist, or an everyday user, this LED lighted 3-way mirror is designed for all your grooming needs:

Flawless makeup application – The 360° view and dimmable lighting let you perfect the smallest details from all angles to achieve a stunning, professional-quality look.
Precision hair styling – Tame stray hairs, see the back of your head, and style precise cuts and dos without a trip to the salon.
Detail grooming – Tweeze brows, trim beard edges, check for ingrown hairs, and shave with total clarity and precision.
Braiding and styling – Easily braid, twist, and style hair by seeing the back of your head in crisp detail.
Our 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind the quality of our LED lighted 3-way mirror and offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. We’re a family-owned American company and your happiness means the world to us. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with this mirror, just let us know and we will work with you to make things right to your satisfaction.

We have total confidence that this mirror will provide perfect lighting, clarity, and visibility for all your grooming needs. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Order the Bluelilly Co. 360° Rotating 3-Way LED Lighted Makeup Mirror now and say goodbye to grooming guesswork and mistakes. With this tool in your beauty arsenal, you’ll look salon-perfect every single day.


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