Bluestone King Size Down & Duck Feather 4″ Mattress Topper – Cloud-Like Coziness For Your Bed



Sleep like royalty with the Bluestone King Size Down & Duck Feather 4″ Mattress Topper. This fluffy featherbed brings hotel-worthy comfort to your own bedroom, so you can enjoy dreamy, undisturbed rest night after night.

The Bluestone mattress topper is constructed with a lofty filling of 95% duck feathers and 5% down feathers inside a durable, 233 thread count 100% cotton shell. This combination of materials cradles your body in plush softness while allowing air to freely circulate through the filling. The end result is enhanced cooling that keeps you from getting overheated, even on sweltering summer nights.

When you first lay down on this feather mattress topper, you’ll notice how it gently conforms to the shape of your body. The feathers compress where you apply the most pressure but quickly spring back to maintain supportive cushioning. This responsive support properly aligns your spine, shoulders, and hips as you sleep to minimize painful pressure points.

The 4-inch thickness of this mattress topper is ideal for significantly improving the comfort of an aging mattress or adding a touch of luxury to a newer bed. It creates a sizable buffer between you and the firmness of the underlying mattress, so you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The king size ensures both you and your partner have plenty of room to stretch out and get cozy.

Key Features:

  • Made of 95% duck feathers and 5% down inside a 233 thread count, 100% cotton cover
  • 4 inches thick to effectively make your mattress more comfortable
  • King size measuring 80″ x 78″ fits most king beds
  • Box stitch design keeps feathers evenly distributed
  • Lightweight and portable for easy positioning
  • Breathable materials enhance airflow and cooling
  • Gently conforms to your body’s natural contours
  • Provides hotel-worthy softness and coziness

Rest in Luxurious Softness

After a long, stressful day, your bed should be a welcoming oasis where you can decompress and rejuvenate. The Bluestone Down & Duck Feather Mattress Topper transforms your bed into a lavish sleep sanctuary. As soon as your head hits the pillow, you’ll be enveloped in sublime softness that melts away tension.

The lofty filling of feathers and down cradles you in cushiony comfort and conforms to every curve of your body. Rather than feeling like you’re sleeping on top of a solid, unyielding mattress, this topper makes it seem like you’re floating weightlessly on a puffy cloud. The responsive support properly aligns your spine and joints so you awake feeling refreshed instead of stiff and achy.

Stay Cool While You Sleep

Overheating during the night can spell disaster for getting restorative sleep. Tossing, turning, and kicking off covers is no way to spend the night. Fortunately, the Bluestone Down & Duck Feather Mattress Topper is engineered to enhance airflow and keep you cool as you slumber.

The 100% cotton shell is lightweight and breathable to allow air to freely circulate through the interior filling. The fluffy duck and down feathers also promote airflow within the topper itself. This prevents body heat from building up and ensures you remain at a comfortable temperature for quality shut-eye. No more sweaty, restless nights!

Tuck Into Hotel-Style Comfort

Why wait for a vacation to sleep in total comfort? Bring luxurious hotel bedding right to your own master bedroom with this Bluestone mattress topper. Hotels often outfit their beds with down toppers because they make mattresses feel oh-so-fluffy. Now you can recreate that cozy experience at home every single night.

The cloud-like comfort cradles you in softness to melt away the stresses of the day. The 4-inch thickness adds extra cushioning and relief for pressure points like your shoulders, hips, and back. As you tuck into bed, you’ll be enveloped in cozy comfort that sends you into a deep, peaceful slumber.

Easy To Use & Maintain

Refreshing your bed with plush comfort couldn’t be simpler. This mattress topper is designed for quick, convenient use each night:

  • Lightweight construction makes positioning easy
  • No special setup – just lay it on top of your existing mattress
  • Box stitching prevents clumping or shifting of fill
  • Zippered cotton cover is removable for washing
  • Can be spot cleaned as needed between washes
  • Roll or fold to store out of sight during the day

Caring for this featherbed is hassle-free too. Simply remove the cover and machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Tumble dry on low and avoid using fabric softener or bleach. With proper care, your mattress topper will retain its lofty, comfortable shape for years.

Sleep Better Tonight

If your mattress leaves you feeling sore and tired, don’t suffer through another night of tossing and turning. The Bluestone Down & Duck Feather Mattress Topper provides an instant comfort upgrade that helps you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up rejuvenated.

The plush feathers conform to your shape and cushion pressure points to eliminate discomfort. The breathable design keeps you cool through the night so you stay nestled in cozy comfort. Enjoy hotel luxury every night with this heavenly soft mattress topper!


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