Bluestone Reversible Microfiber Sherpa Alternative Full Mattress Topper



Give your mattress a plush makeover with the Bluestone Reversible Microfiber Sherpa Alternative Mattress Topper. This reversible topper features a luxuriously soft sherpa fabric on one side and smooth microfiber on the other, providing two great options for enhanced comfort. Just flip it over to suit your mood or the season.

The sherpa side offers incredible softness you can sink into. It brings warmth and the cozy feel of fleece to your bed, perfect for chilly nights. The microfiber reverse has a crisp, smooth feel that keeps you cool in warmer weather. Either way, you’ll be sleeping soundly thanks to the loft and cushioning of this 3 inch thick mattress pad.

Plush Sherpa for Winter, Crisp Microfiber for Summer

With this clever 2-in-1 mattress topper, you get the best of both worlds. Its reversible design lets you customize your comfort easily. Enjoy the sensational softness of the sherpa side during the cold winter months when you want to feel ultra-cozy at night. Flip it over to the smooth microfiber side in hot summer weather to sleep cooler. The options give you flexibility as seasons change. Just switch sides as needed so your topper always feels just right.

Adds a Thick Layer of Cushioning Comfort

Transform the feel of your mattress with 3 inches of quilted polyester fill that adds plush comfort without excessive heat retention. The lofty fill is specially engineered to compress just like down when you lay on it, cradling your body in comfort. But unlike feathers, the synthetic fill is lightweight, hypoallergenic and easy to care for.

The fill is quilted between the sherpa and microfiber layers to prevent shifting. No matter which side you choose, you’ll be surrounded by softness as you sleep soundly on the cushioning fill. The 3 inch thickness adds just the right amount of extra loft.

Fits and Feels Great on Any Mattress

Whether your mattress is plush or firm, pillowtop or Eurotop, this removable topper adds an extra layer of comfort. Designed to fit most full size mattress depths up to 16 inches thick, the Bluestone topper creates a perfectly plush sleep space tailored to your body. Just secure the elastic straps at each corner of the fitted topper to keep it smoothly in place all night.

The hypoallergenic fill and removable cover allow you to easily keep your topper fresh. Simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine occasionally. Then replace it and enjoy the renewed coziness. The topper will make your mattress feel like new again.

Premium Quality Materials for Durability

Constructed using premium materials, this topper is made to last. The woven polyester sherpa and microfiber fabrics are soft, breathable and designed to maintain their lush feel even after years of use. The layers of quilted fill provide cushy comfort without flattening out over time.

With proper care, your Bluestone topper will continue providing reversible, two-season comfort night after night. The quality materials ensure it will hold its lofty shape and performance. So you get lasting value from your investment in better sleep.

Enhance Your Mattress Affordably

Mattress toppers provide an affordable solution for amping up the comfort of your current mattress. Priced lower than a brand new mattress, a top-quality topper like this one transforms the sleep surface so it feels like you have a brand new bed.

The Bluestone Reversible Microfiber Sherpa Mattress Topper offers a simple and budget-friendly way to make your mattress more luxurious and enjoyable to sleep on. Refresh your bed with plush comfort that suits any season.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 54 inches wide x 75 inches long x 3 inches high
  • Fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep
  • Material Cover: Soft polyester sherpa and microfiber
  • Fill Material: 700 GSM polyester fill (4 lbs)
  • Sherpa Side: 235 GSM super-soft polyester sherpa
  • Microfiber Side: 95 GSM smooth woven polyester
  • Gusseted style with elastic corner straps secures topper in place
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
  • Made in China

We Stand Behind Our Product

Your satisfaction with your Bluestone Reversible Microfiber Sherpa Mattress Topper is guaranteed. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure many years of dreamy comfort. If you are not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund. Enjoy the versatile softness of this excellent topper. Order today to give your mattress a cozy makeover!


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