BNYD 10″ Two-Sided 360° Swivel Round Vanity Makeup Mirror with 1X/2X Magnification



Get ready to fall in love with your reflection thanks to the BNYD 10″ Two-Sided 360° Swivel Round Vanity Makeup Mirror. This gorgeous tabletop mirror provides everything you need for flawless makeup application and hair styling with its crystal clear glass, smooth swivel design, and 1x/2x magnification options.

With its round shape and sleek profile, this mirror brings elegance and modern style to your vanity or dresser. The clear, high quality glass gives you a true reflection without distortion, so you can perfect every detail of your look. And the smooth 360° rotation allows you to adjust the angle with just a gentle push or pull, making it easy to find the optimal viewing position.

But it’s the dual-sided 1x/2x magnification that really makes this mirror stand out. One side provides standard 1x magnification that allows you to see your entire face for an accurate overall view. The other side has 2x magnification, perfect for precision tasks like applying eyeliner or filling in brows. The magnification options ensure you can check both up-close details and the big picture.

With a height of 10 inches, this round swivel mirror is sized just right for tabletop use. The compact footprint is perfect for dorms, apartments, RVs, and other modest spaces. It looks fabulous on a bedroom vanity, bathroom counter, or dressing table. The sleek round shape and clear finish give it a clean, minimalist look that suits any decor style.

If you’re looking for more versatility, this mirror also comes with an optional 5.5 inch diameter plastic suction cup. Simply attach the suction cup to the back of the mirror, wet it slightly, and stick it onto any non-porous surface like tile, glass, or marble. The strong suction keeps it securely in place on walls or mirrors for hands-free styling.

Key Features:

  • Round 10″ diameter tabletop swivel mirror
  • Dual sides provide 1x and 2x magnification
  • 360° rotation for adjustable viewing angles
  • Sleek and elegant round shape
  • Clear glass reflects images without distortion
  • Compact size perfect for vanities, counters, and desks
  • Optional 5.5″ suction cup for wall/mirror mounting
  • Modern minimalist design suits any decor

Flawless Makeup Application

With its crystal clear glass and magnification options, this swivel mirror gives you all the tools you need for perfect makeup application every time. The 1x magnification lets you see the big picture so you can expertly shape and fill in brows, apply eyeshadow evenly, and blend contour seamlessly. Switch to the 2x side for precision work like swiping on eyeliner with perfect wings or precisely lining lips. The close-up view highlights the tiniest details so you can achieve makeup mastery.

Hairstyling Helper

Styling your hair is a breeze with this swiveling mirror by your side. Simply rotate the mirror to find the optimal angle that lets you see the back of your head with ease. Get a clear view of the back of your hair as you style so you can catch flyaways, smooth frizzies, and check the shape as you blowdry, curl, or straighten your locks. The 360° swivel flexibility provides visibility from all sides so you can perfect your ‘do.

All-Purpose Magnifying Mirror

While designed for cosmetics and grooming, this magnified mirror also proves handy for a variety of precision tasks that require close-up viewing. Use the 2x magnification side for close work like tweezing eyebrows, applying small nails decals, sorting beads or jewelry, removing splinters, inspecting electronics, and any other detail-oriented project where magnification comes in handy.

Minimalist Decor Accent

With its sleek round shape, compact size, and clear glass construction, this swivel mirror makes a chic and functional accent to any bedroom or bath. The minimalist modern design blends seamlessly into any decor from glam and contemporary to urban, industrial, and farmhouse. Looks beautiful on vanities, dressers, bathroom counters, desks, tabletops, and shelves.

Give your reflection the royal treatment every day with the BNYD 10″ Two-Sided 360° Swivel Round Vanity Makeup Mirror. The clear glass, smooth swivel base, and 1x/2x magnification provide flawless views for makeup, hairstyling, and detailed tasks. Pamper yourself with perfect reflections!


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